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Important Questions to Ask Your Pay-Per-Click Manager

March 11, 2013

How often are you communicating with your PPC manager? Many times clients will get a monthly or quarterly report but most will give it a ten second glance before moving on with their day. You should know though that there is a treasure box of information that lies below the surface level if you are willing to dig. When it comes to PPC at Lure Creative, we encourage our customers to ask questions and get involved. Here’s a list of starter questions to ask your PPC manager. Getting these answers will allow you to unearth new information about your account’s performance that can possibly give you a clearer roadmap on how to shape your marketing strategy.

What keywords are getting conversions?

This sounds banal but often times clients look at the number of leads and they don’t dive deeper. Ask your PPC manager if they are using your company name as a search term because that will greatly affect how your results look.You can argue whether or not you should use branded paid search terms as the answer depends on a whole host of factors.You should understand though that you would have likely converted a percentage of those leads organically without going through your PPC budget. Also, look at the specific non-branded keywords that convert. Maybe the leads look lower one month but the keywords that did convert led to higher margin sales. It could also be beneficial to chart the impressions for certain keywords over a period of time. This can help you identify seasonal trends and help you forecast future demand for a service.

Have you tested Pay Per Click ads in the last four months?

It’s easy to be complacent in the PPC world when you see your ad humming along at a respectful click through rate.Your PPC manager should be asking you what new offers or specials your company has coming up. If you have two competing ads with two different offers then, after a certain period of time, they should be telling you which offer worked better. It’s okay if every once in a while a test doesn’t net the results you were expecting. The bigger sin is not trying and staying comfortable with the status quo.

How does my other advertising affect my PPC campaign?

Ask your PPC manager if your different forms of marketing are complementing your PPC campaign. You can see these results by going into your Google Analytics and looking at your conversions tab then clicking on multi channel funnels. For example, this feature will chart if someone finds your site through paid search and then later on types your website in directly to make a purchase. Through Adwords, they wouldn’t credit your PPC campaign with the lead but in this tool you can see what platform initially got a customer to a site. If you are doing a nationwide campaign and are going to hit a certain city with a ton of advertising, then maybe your PPC manager should increase your budget in that area. There are tons of examples of these, but the bottom line is at some level your PPC manager should be aware of the other areas of your marketing strategy.

What new changes has Google or Bing made to their PPC ad platforms?

A month ago Google released a new version of Adwords called “Enhanced Campaigns”. We’ll go over it in more detail next month but this change makes it significantly tougher to segment your campaigns by device. Before you could deploy an entirely different strategy for searchers using their smart phones compared to desktop users, but Google has severely muted those opportunities.You don’t need to know all the technical terms of every new feature, but learning about the major changes to search engine platforms and how that affects your PPC strategy will give you a better idea about your account’s performance.

If you’d like to learn more about Pay-Per-Click, Lure Creative can help. Give us a call at (913) 649-4040 and we can help you set up and manage your PPC account.

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