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The Magic Is in the Marketing Mix – a Case Study

February 13, 2013

You hear all kinds of marketing advice these days. Print is dead. No one reads anything offline. Digital is the only way to go. Pay-per-click is the answer to online domination. It seems everyone has an opinion about advertising. At Lure Creative, our opinion is that marketing is still all about knowing your audience and using the tools you have to find them and deliver the right message.

There is only one truth – every client, every market, and every product or service is unique. What works wonders in one market may stink in another. Budget restrictions will affect the marketing mix as much as your target audience will. So when you hear blanket statements about what works and what doesn’t, listen with a critical ear.

What we do know is that listening to our clients, finding out what has or hasn’t worked for them in the past, brainstorming ideas together, then taking our combined knowledge and experience and using those to come up with a strategic approach is what makes sense. Here is a case study of one of our newer clients – McGonigle’s Market.

In early fall 2012, the owner, Mike McGonigle, came to us looking for a new marketing partner. (That’s our favorite mindset in a client, by the way.) He has been running his local meat market (McGonigle’s Market) for years and was looking for some fresh ideas for increasing sales. After meeting with Mike and group of key employees, we started to get a feel for this unique, one-location, family run, local market. Then we created a multi-media Thanksgiving campaign to create sales for the holiday. Here are the media we chose, a sample of each ad, and a little explanation for each:

Direct Mail-Because McGonigle’s has only one location, it was important to be able to reach those customers close to the store who would naturally shop there, and also encourage those who were close by but maybe hadn’t shopped there or hadn’t shopped there recently. By targeting nearby zip codes with direct mail, we could zero in on customers in that vicinity. We also mailed to customers who had not visited the store in a while.  SEE POSTCARD

Radio-We almost always recommend a broadcast medium alongside targeted media and online advertising to cast a wide net. We chose our radio audience not only for its volume, but specifically for average income, and dedicated listeners during rush hour traffic. LISTEN TO AD

YouTube Video Ads-For those not listening to radio or checking the mailbox, we employed geo-targeted video ads in the form of YouTube pre-roll ads. YouTube advertising is extremely affordable and allowed us to pinpoint potential customers by location, age, and other demographics. VIEW AD

Social Media-Add to this mix Facebook and Twitter posts and tweets to keep current customers and fans in the loop and aware of the specials as well. Both YouTube and social media appeal to a wide variety of mature age groups to help gain new customers. Check out McGonigle’s FB  & Twitter pages.

As you can see, a broad marketing mix allowed us to stay in contact with existing customers, reach out to nearby current and potential customers and stay in touch with both older and younger customers and prospects.  Every client is unique and you’ll never see us using cookie cutter techniques with our marketing.

If you’d like a marketing partner in 2013, give us a call and we can create a marketing mix that works for you! (913) 649-4040.

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