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Most People Don’t Plan to Fail. They Simply Fail to Plan.

December 14, 2010

November is upon us.  What have you done to prepare for next year?  The new year is a fresh start.  Everything you did this past year provides insight and knowledge as to how to do it better next year.  Don’t let that information go to waste.  Take a critical look at the strategies you used this past year and take the time now to improve or change them.  Crunch some numbers, talk with employees, clients, customers and co-workers.  Gather all the useful information you can and start making a fresh plan for the coming year.

Look at past promotions.  Were they successful?  If so, you may want to do more to promote them.  If they were lame, definitely don’t repeat them.  Don’t continue to spend marketing dollars on something that isn’t paying off.   Brainstorm.  Send out customer surveys.  Out with the old and in with the new.  But don’t procrastinate.  Look at this as an opportunity to improve your sales and learn something that will help you improve your future strategies.

This doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking, but it does require dedication.  Set a goal – 2 weeks to a month to collect and analyze new information.  Only then can you make informed, intelligent decisions.  Don’t forget your marketing partners.  They can provide invaluable information about trends in the marketplace, consumer behavior, new technology, etc.  Remember, they’re doing the same thing you are, but on a wider scale and with various products and services.

Bottom line – get your information together, analyze it, make some decisions for the new year based on that analysis and make a plan for implementing those decisions.  That way, you’re not starting at square one come January.

If you need any help in the collecting, analyzing, planning or execution areas, please call Lure Creative.  We offer a free one-hour marketing consultation.  (913) 284-7821.

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