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Online Directories – You’re Not Listed…But Your Competitors ARE!!!

December 30, 2011

So you’ve been in business for five, ten or even fifty years and you automatically assume that your company name and phone number are everywhere online by now. Think again Cowboy!

Online Directories SEOThere are thousands of Online Directories out there. And although we think that it’s impossible to be in all of them, you may want to consider getting your company info listed or updated so you can be found this year. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!! Your competitors are being’re not.

When we went out to the most popular Online Directories, we were amazed with what we found and I think you will be too. Incorrect phone numbers, old tracking phone numbers, old location addresses, no web address, no logo uploaded and more.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to submit your company into the top directories online. Google will use this data to confirm you are a legitimate business, give you credit for a backlink (your website link coming from a legitimate source) and upgrade your website on search engine results.

By taking a few hours out to do this, you will be rewarded with better search engine rankings (SEO), increased calls and make it easier for customer to find you! Speaking of making it easy, I’ve have compiled my 2012 Top Free Online Directories. Just click the link and get started. You can thank me by clicking “Like” and sharing this information with others. Now get going…

If we built your website or manage your Google account, your business is already listed here.





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