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Outsourcing Marketing

December 14, 2010

Small business owners have a lot on their plates.  And every business owner has areas where they’re proficient, and areas where they need to seek outside assistance.  Handling everything on your own may be acceptable in the beginning of a business cycle, however as your business grows, certain duties must be delegated to an expert.  Marketing is often one area where small businesses try to handle more than they should.  Hiring a Marketing Director may not yet be necessary, and there’s a fear that contracting outside help will be too expensive.  But think of why you went into business in the first place.  Was it because you felt you had the ability to choose the correct media vehicle to carry your message?  Or that you knew you would be able to come up with the best message, offer, and layout for your campaign?  Probably not.

All of these are important in making your marketing message as effective as possible, and an effective marketing message is important to business growth.  Lure Creative, Inc., offers hourly consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses.  This may be as simple as deciphering the best proposal out of the many you’ve received from sales reps, to assisting with budget building, and developing an entire annual marketing strategy.

Contact me at [email protected] or visit to learn more about marketing consulting as well as the other services we offer.

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