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PierMagic in KC – Even Their Website Has a Strong Concrete Foundation

July 2, 2012

Believe it or not, a website is a lot like a home’s foundation. When the environment around it changes, cracks can develop that compromise its ability to do what it’s supposed to do – support your home (or in the case of a website, support your business). When PierMagic came to us, they had one request – more web presence. Their business wasn’t being found online and, consequently, they weren’t getting leads online. Worse yet, the competition was. Their website was out of date and they knew it needed a little repair work.

PierMagic understood that the website should be the foundation of any marketing plan. Today, most promotions (traditional media or online) are designed to get customers to your website. If your website is weak, it won’t be able to support the rest of your business. So we got to work. First, we shored up his pages making sure they had enough content, were keyword rich, and had proper behind-the-scenes title tags, descriptions and keywords. Then we added some new pages to optimize Pier Magic for both the greater Kansas City & St. Louis areas. Plus, we created a blog to make it easy for them to constantly add new fresh and relevant content to keep the search engines happy. Finally, we set up a dynamic Pay-Per-Click campaign to make them visible online and help generate leads.

We’re happy to report that PierMagic Foundation Company in Kansas City, Dallas and St. Louis is now being found at the top of the search engines and business online is moving forward. But they know they can’t rest on their laurels. Because they realize that search engines are constantly changing, ongoing SEO is in the works. Just like when you have recurring leaks in your basement and you have to create a drainage system for an ongoing solution, with a website, you must create some kind of system to keep up with the constant changes brought about by the changing search engine algorithms and technology. A great foundation company website requires ongoing maintenance if you want it to perform well and stay on top.

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