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Precision Glass: Website Design Before & After

June 25, 2014

Website design is very important when it comes to converting leads. While a great website design can convince leads to use your services, a bad one can make them turn around in the blink of an eye. Nearly 95% of people from a Keynote Mobile User survey cited website design as a huge reason why they mistrusted or rejected a website. Our team at Lure Creative knows the weight of importance on website design, and that’s why we work hard to be the best at it. An example of some of our best web design work can be seen on one of our longtime customers’ websites. We will explain why we updated their website design, and how we can do the same for your company.

Rebuilding a Website without Weakening SEO

Precision Glass has been working with us for more than five years now. We built their previous website in 2009. At the time it was a quality website with killer Search Engine Optimization. As time wore on, their SEO was still going strong, putting them at the top of the search engines for all their key terms, but their website design became dated. So, in the spring of 2014, we got approval to rebuild their website again. This can be scary for many established companies with steady SEO standings, but if you have it done right, a website rebuild will not weaken your SEO. A website rebuild should only change the look and feel of your website, not its search engine rankings. Lure Creative’s team has performed this technical surgery seamlessly many times.

Creating a Great User Experience

Once we got started, we knew we wanted to create a new and better user experience on the updated Precision Glass website. A user experience allows potential customers visiting the site to experience the company’s brand at a higher level. Most website user experiences involve simple lists and services the company provides. Outstanding user experience includes this as well as promotes the company brand and shows why the company is unique. Things like videos, testimonials, portfolios with high quality images, informational graphics, and more can make users understand the brand better, and really see why it stands outs. A better user experience not only makes for a more visually appealing website, but it also allows for a more efficient one. It’s more likely to result in highly qualified prospects and leads.

Using Responsive Design is Key in Today’s Competitive World

We also built the new Precision Glass website using responsive design. This is imperative in today’s techy world. While desktop and laptop computers are still popular, most people are looking to buy or use goods and services on the go. This means they are using either a mobile smartphone or tablet to search for your business. A survey by SEOcial, shows that nearly 70% of people are more likely to call if you have a mobile or responsive website. A responsive website readjusts itself according to the device you are using. The responsive template is composed of a series of blocks that stack based on the width of your screen. The size of the images and font will also adapt accordingly. This plays into the user experience, enriching the way people view your website. Before mobile and responsive website designs, it was nearly impossible to navigate a website on a smartphone or tablet. Now, it’s as simple as a quick click.

Call Lure Creative today for a free estimate on a website redesign or rebuild that won’t hurt your SEO at (913) 649-4040.

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