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The Proof is in the Stats: Why SEO Is a Must

May 8, 2014

These three little letters, SEO, are very important in digital marketing. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technique used to increase a website’s visibility and traffic by increasing its SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. And typically, a rise in SERP rankings means more organic leads, which also then means more business.

Some naysayers say SEO is on its way out, but there is proof that states otherwise. Read these statistics and find out why SEO is here to stay, and why it’s more important than ever for marketing your business.

There Are More Than 100 Billion Google Searches Per Month

Google’s latest search numbers from 2012 show more than 100 billion people turn to the search engine for help answering questions, or to research products and services in just a month’s time. That’s almost four billion searches a day! And it means there are a lot of opportunities for your business to be found in those searches. There’s a pretty good chance that your customer demographic is on Google, or other search engines like Yahoo or Bing. But along with the positives associated with the large number of searches, come the negatives. How can you make your business stand out and actually get seen over the other billions of search results? SEO is your answer. Search Engine Optimization will boost your website for keywords associated with your industry and location, getting you more visibility, and more leads.

71% of Purchase Decisions in the U.S. Begin With Research on a Search Engine

Almost three quarters of purchase decisions start on search engines. That’s according to research conducted by the DAC Group. That puts a lot of power in your hands. But only if you’re on the web and utilizing SEO. The stronger your SEO, the higher your SERP rankings will be, and the more likely consumers are to click on your site over your competitor’s. That leads us to our next SEO statistic . . .

60% of All Organic Clicks Go To the Top Three Organic Search Results

“Winners finish first” also rings true for SEO. The higher your website appears on the search engine results page, the more likely consumers are to click on your site. Research by Marketing Sherpa proves that more than half of all clicks go to the top three organic (non-paid) search results. So, the stronger your SEO is, the higher you will appear in search results, and the more organic leads you generate. In essence, SEO equals organic lead generation. It’s pretty simple.

SEO is the Top Channel for Sales Conversions, with 15% of Marketers Reporting It Produces Above Average Conversion Rates In 2013

SEO not only generates leads, but it also is a great lead conversion tool. According to HubSpot, last year nearly a quarter of marketers reported SEO converted more leads into customers than other channels normally do. SEO is also a great tool to make your website more credible. And this is important to convert leads into customers because they want to buy goods and services from a company they can trust.

SEO is One of The Top Lead Generation Sources, with 25% of Marketers Finding It Produces a Below Average Cost Per Lead In 2013

On top of finding you convertible leads, boosting your search engine results, and making your website more credible, SEO is also a great return on investment. Last year HubSpot surveyed marketers around the world for research on inbound marketing, and more than a quarter of them said SEO had a below average cost per lead.

If these statistics haven’t converted you into an SEO supporter, I’m not sure what else will, unless you try it out for yourself.

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