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Run Your Pay Per Click Advertising Like Brad Pitt In Moneyball

July 6, 2012

One of my favorite movies is “Moneyball”, which examines the new ways in which baseball executives value players using advanced stats. As a Pay Per Click Specialist, I can relate to the narrative of the movie. Every day I look at new information to try and determine how much a keyword is really worth. While the end result of our hard work will never win us a baseball pennant, we can save businesses thousands of dollars a year in pay per click marketing.

To do this, we use the most advanced software tools on the market that measure the effectiveness of keywords across multiple search engines. Using that information and using other competitive metrics, we can make informed decisions on how to break out a client’s budget and which areas need further keyword expansion.

Of course, the day isn’t entirely spent staring intently at spreadsheets, but also making sure the client’s ad copy gives them an edge over their competitors. The beauty about pay per click advertising is you don’t have to be a large business to reach new customers through this area. Google and MSN give you the opportunity to target right down to the city and zip code.

The truth is almost anyone can setup a PPC campaign and have it running within minutes, but where most people fall into trouble is implementing a detailed plan afterwards. At Lure Creative we realize every client is different and we build a customized game plan around the strengths of each individual business.

As a Pay Per Click Specialist, I take pleasure in the small victories, knowing they can lead to larger wins down the road. For example last month, for a client, we shaved $1.20 off their average cost per click price, which ended up saving them almost $600 for the month. By using a data driven approach to create a highly optimized pay per click campaign, we are able to give our clients the highest return on their marketing investment. Sure, a picture’s worth a thousand words, but with PPC, knowing the right words could save you thousands.


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