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Save Time & Money with the “Right” Digital Marketing Agency

October 20, 2011

There are many advantages to having your marketing handled by a single agency. The biggest is probably saving time and money. When you spread your jobs out to a half dozen different vendors, you have to take the time to send each one your logo, content, and instructions. Because they are unfamiliar with your company and your projects, you also increase the chances of mistakes being made. It’s like reinventing the wheel with each project.

When you have a go-to marketing company, you can turn a job around on a tight schedule with little hassle and enjoy the confidence that comes from working with quality people. You just call and tell us what you need and because we’ve got your company logo design, photos, info., etc. and we are familiar with each other, things go faster and smoother saving you more time and money all around.
But besides the practical, everyday advantages of saving time and money, there is one huge difference having a go-to marketing company provides – brand control. When a dozen different people are creating print, direct mail design, radio, small company website design, videos, etc. there’s no continuity between all of these pieces. The look, the feel, the copy, the colors, are all individual instead of part of a bigger plan. If your marketing is not consistent, you lose the effect of repetition in the marketplace and never gain TOMA (top-of-mind awareness) because your ads a disjointed and don’t give you any memorability or meaning. You essentially have no consistent company branding and no reason for the consumer to remember you or trust you.
At Lure Creative, we are a full-service company and can handle nearly any project fast and affordably. But, more than that, our professionals care about your brand. Our graphic designers, website designers and copywriters all understand the importance of branding and they nurture and build your brand with every project.

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