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SEO Best Practices Revealed: Effects of Social Media

September 11, 2012

SEO best practices and social media
It is something we have been told to do since we were young.  Share.  So it is no wonder that in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google favors this basic concept.  While companies’ positions on search results are not significantly impacted by their social media marketing efforts, there are implications that sharing is here to stay and may become an even more powerful tool.  We are here to clue you in on what information is out there about how social media is affecting SEO.

Let’s start with the Search Engine Optimization guru, Google Webmaster.  In an article written by their Developer Programs Tech Lead, Maile Ohye, we were clued in on six fundamental SEO tips to use in our everyday online activity.  Two of these important tips related directly to social media.

SEO Social Media Tips Lure Creative

The first suggestion is to attract buzz through natural links, +1’s on Google+, Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers.  Putting out quality content that social media users, especially authority leaders or an influential individual in the social media world, want to engage with and share will benefit your company’s SEO efforts.

The second suggestion brings up the point that Google favors fresh and relevant content.  Now this is where blogging often comes in.  Remember that blog connected to your website that you have not updated for the past two months?  Well that may be hurting your chances of being found in search engines.

Within this suggestion, Ohye also mentions building a social media presence.  When your company is updating its Facebook page or tweeting out relevant articles to your industry, you are doing exactly what Google suggests.  You are following the guidelines for posting fresh and relevant content.

How much is one’s social media activity influencing SEO?  Search Engine Journal answered this question best when they interviewed spokespersons from Google and Bing back in 2010.  When asking them if and how social media plays into their algorithms, both search engine giants gave a vague response and here is what they were.

SEO Bing and Google social authority

So what is in store for the future?  Many experts believe that search engine results will continue to gradually favor a strong social media presence.  In the meantime, start building that presence, keep content relevant and fresh and remember to share.

Colleen Rowley, Social Media Specialist

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