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SEO is Dead for Small Businesses, Right?

July 30, 2014

Rumors have been going around for quite a while that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites is dead and no longer working for attracting leads to your website. These comments come from business owners, SEO Specialists and web gurus alike. But why should small businesses care? Because top listings on Google, achieved through effective SEO practices, are the number one “marketing lead” source for smaller companies, hands down. If SEO were dead, thousands of businesses would begin to struggle with lead generation. Lucky for you, it is not. Here’s why we think SEO is alive and kicking.

The SEO Facts That Are Making You Rethink!

SEO does work, and very well for receiving new web leads, although it can be both confusing and frustrating for most people to understand. Why? Because influencing search engines has become more time consuming, costly and detailed. This has led to SEO companies letting businesses down because they have not kept up with the best practices behind affecting Google search results. Our secret technique has been extremely effective. We use a combination of social media, directories, and blog posts mixed with traditional SEO services. It’s all considered to be SEO when done the right way.

Take a peek at a case study that we did. Lure Creative put ROI for our SEO services under the microscope and found that our customers get roughly 46% of their website traffic from organic search results directly related to SEO. We only measured customers who do the proper trio of SEO, Social Media, and Pay-Per-Click (Google AdWords). Then we took an average to get these results…

Organic (SEO + Social) Traffic (46%)
PPC/Google Adwords Traffic (22%)
Direct Traffic (16%)
Referral Traffic (10%)
All Other Traffic (6%)

Don’t Be a Schmoe, Consider SMO For These Reasons…

SMO, also known as Social Media Optimization, is the combination of social media and search engine optimization. By seeing the above results, you can organize a marketing strategy that gains your company social PR and exposure, website traffic and links that all help your website’s search engine results and rankings. Connect this strategy with an affective PPC campaign and track all results through web forms and phone call tracking. You will love the ROI on SEO, we guarantee it!

Do you have questions about SMO services and how it can help your company? Give us a call today at, (913) 649-4040

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