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SEO Tips for Showing Up in Search Engines for Furnace & Air Conditioner Repair in Your City

November 12, 2014


The heating and cooling industry is very competitive in almost any market, but there IS a way to show up at the top of page one in search engines for furnace and air conditioning repair in your area. Your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, just takes some time and attention to detail. Here are three tried-and-true ways to boost your SEO for heating and cooling in your city.

Use City Names Instead of County Names

When you talk about which areas you service in your website copy, your blog posts, or geo pages, the way you phrase it is very important. Instead of listing county names, always list the names of cities that you service. Homeowners searching for your services on the Internet almost always search by city, and if they see that you perform work in their city they are more likely to call you.

List a Local Phone Number

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT list a generic 1-800 or toll-free phone number on your website. Many people are wary of 1-800 numbers because they are usually associated with national companies or chains. Always list a phone number with a local area code. And if you service areas with more than one area code, it’s advantageous to list both numbers with different local area codes. Just remember, local rocks.

Make Sure Information On Social Media Matches Your Website

Take a look at the bio information listed on your company’s social media sites. Does it match the company information listed on your website? It should. While the description doesn’t have to word for word identical, your basic location, phone number, and services should be. Incomplete or incorrect listed information could cause you a headache down the road, and could make your SEO suffer. Search engines like Google want your information to always match, because it makes your company look more authentic and trustworthy. Sometimes Google will even knock your rankings for incorrect information listed on social sites.

These SEO tips will help to boost your heating and cooling company’s website in search engine rankings and bring you more website visitors. However, when visitors get there are they giving your company a call? Is your website’s homepage doing it’s job and converting website visitors into leads? Download the Ultimate Checklist for Your HVAC Company’s Website Homepage and put your site to the test. This checklist will help you figure out what you’re missing. Just click the button below!

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