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The Proof Is in the Stats: Why Pay-Per-Click Is a Must

June 4, 2014

Pay-Per-Click, or search marketing services are a great way to market your business, and are typically a great way to bring in highly qualified leads. There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo out there about PPC though, that can leave you unsure about its effectiveness. We are going to let the numbers and statistics speak for themselves, and show you why you should get started on your next PPC campaign today.

Almost 2/3 of Clicks Go to Sponsored Results When the User’s Intent Is Commercial

Sponsored ads, or PPC ads, tend to attract more qualified leads. According to Wordstream Research’s data on US advertisers in 2012, people who are looking to buy a product or service are roughly 65% more likely to click on a sponsored ad than an organic one. That’s because PPC and Search Marketing campaigns allow you to more effectively target those leads through determined keywords and negative keywords that work almost like a filter. The correct assembly of keywords and negative keywords works almost as a process of elimination to make sure your ads show up only when a user is most likely to want to buy your product or service.

Read more about how Pay-Per-Click can boost your business on our blog: 3 Benefits of Pay-Per-Click.

The Top 3 Search Results Take 41% of Clicks

You’ve probably heard about how important it is to be on page one of search results for your keywords, but being at the top of that page is even more important. Nearly half of all clicks go to the top three search results. PPC and search marketing can get your ads into those top spots. And users don’t necessarily avoid sponsored ads. Research shows that 45%, or nearly half of users can’t differentiate paid search results versus organic search results when there isn’t a separated column. And now, one of the most popular PPC services, Google AdWords, has completely done away with separating ads by a column.

U.S. PPC Spending Increased 24% In the Last Quarter of 2013

And that’s only a taste of what’s to come. As search marketing keeps evolving, its effects are also becoming more refined, and that means it’s easier for companies to target qualified leads. According to the Hanapin Marketing 2013 State of Paid Search almost three quarters of marketing respondents said they will be increasing their budgets for Pay-Per-Click and search marketing this year. Most marketers plan to spend those dollars on PPC services with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Display Networks, and Facebook accordingly.

As search marketing continues to grow, it’s become a bigger ally for businesses. But it’s always important to make sure your campaign is executed well, or you won’t see the results you’re hoping for. An experienced PPC team is important for an effective campaign to have a high return on investment.

Give the Experts at Lure Creative a call at (913) 649-4040 to get started on your campaign today.

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