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The Very First Friday eXpresso!

January 8, 2016

Yes, coffee aficionados, we know that’s not how you spell ‘espresso.’

Every week for as long as we can remember, Lure Creative has come together on Friday mornings to talk about the latest and greatest in marketing trends that popped up that week and how it affects our work and clients. The beauty of this weekly show and tell is that everyone learns a little something: email tips, design hacks, or maybe how to write a great hashtag.

One day we realized – we weren’t the only ones who should be hearing this! Tune-in every Friday for our latest cup of ah ha! (and the occasional cat gif).

Totally (HubSpot) Certifiable

Lure Creative became a HubSpot partner at the beginning of 2015. Ever since, we’ve been racking up certifications like it’s our job (because, well, it’s part of the job). We’re proud to say that at the close of 2015 every one of our Xperts was Inbound Certified meaning we’re now a HubSpot certified partner! Of course, we learned an incredible amount through HubSpot’s certification program, but there’s one tip we wanted to pass on to anyone else looking at becoming certified:

TIP: If your browser (we’re looking at you, Safari) crashes during the test, don’t panic. HubSpot’s system holds your place, so you haven’t lost your answers.

Yes, we’re speaking from experience.

Haven’t heard about HubSpot? Let’s get you up to speed.

Blurred Lines

pantone_color_round_tableXpert designer Maria gave us a crash course on the 2016 face of Pantone. In a nutshell, Pantone has done something they’ve never done before:

They released two colors of the year for 2016.

Rose quartz AND serenity are sharing the title as a result of “the gender blur” seen around the world. In a parody to the way the world is beginning to view genders and their roles, the two colors are great on their own, but Pantone wants you to look at the shades between the two colors as well.

So if you, or your website, have never been able to choose a favorite color, you’re in good company.

Big Year = Big Biscuit

2015 was a big, big year for Lure Creative: We hit the 1 million mark!!

For a nice pat on the back, the team went out for breakfast at The Big Biscuit. We like to party, but we LOVE to party with bacon.

Email Marketing Magic

email_tips_blurredWhat are the secrets to email? Kelsey, our fabulous copywriter, can tell you all about it in her recap of Maria Veloso’s book Web Copy That Sells. Find out how to stop 10% of your emails from floating around in cyberspace.

Then click over to our other blog post The Key to Creating Effective Emails for more helpful tips!

We’ll have more marketing, design, and web tips for you in our eXpresso next Friday. Until then, you can get in touch with us at (913) 649-4040 for help from the marketing Xperts at Lure Creative!

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