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Top 3 “Biggest Beefs” with Web Companies

April 6, 2010

“I Can’t Get Ahold of Anyone.”

We hear it all the time. “No one will return my calls or emails.” For starters, we advise not to hire a student or young kid right out of school. Never hire someone who builds websites on the side. Not being able to get ahold of them to make changes can hurt your business. Plus LARGER WEB COMPANIES GET GREEDY and don’t hire more support to keep up with demand. Therefore they can’t take your calls. They milk it for all it’s worth at your expense.

At Lure Creative, we understand your needs and make our entire staff accessible. As we grow, we will not suffer in quality or staffing…that’s our promise to you! We’re even conveniently located off of I-435 and Metcalf if you’d like to talk to a web consultant in person. Actually, WE LOVE PEOPLE, SO COME ON DOWN.

“My Monthly Hosting Fee is Too High!”

The real problem is that you’re not getting what you pay for. Hosting is cheap! It’s what that fee covers that makes the difference. Typically, that fee covers…nothing.
At Lure Creative, we do have a monthly “Hosting, Monitoring & Storage Fee”. But that fee covers many things. We don’t just build a website and let it sit. We review website performance, traffic volume, and visitor behavior daily and prepare to make recommendations for improvement when we feel it will pay off.
Plus, YOUR SITE IS SAFE with our multi-mirror storage system. The off-site server contains the files for your “live” website. Then it’s backed up on two different servers internally. That’s not all! Should one server go down, due to power outages or some other tragedy, one of a trio of servers located in different parts of the U.S. will take over so you have NO DOWN TIME.

“I Can’t Be Found…Online”

When you purchase a website, typically YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, especially if you bought a customized template. Most templates are designed for easy use or functionality, but don’t even offer enhanced features for Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Be cautious of any site that costs less than $1200. It takes time, experience, and detail to enhance a website for search engines. Any less than this and you’re paying for cheap, inexperienced labor and they will not build your site properly for SEO.

All our work is done in-house, with our staff of professionals. Our web designers are the most knowledgeable in the area. We use the proper HTML copy on each page for SEO, and add the best page titles, descriptions and keywords. Since the online world is competitive, we offer Pay-Per-Click programs and other strategies to get you seen! Every site we’ve launched has a success record for us to stand behind!

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