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Website Spotlight: McGonigle’s Market

October 21, 2015
Responsive Web Layout McGonigle's

We started as a web design company in 2007 and have since broadened our horizons to include full service marketing. We believe our variety of services has helped us look at our web designs in a new light and we are excited about  the direction our work with our clients has taken. One of our most recent projects was a true testament to our evolution. We worked with long-time client, McGonigle’s Market, a local meat and grocery store that’s long been a beloved favorite of Kansas City locals. Here’s how we were able to turn their website into a powerhouse web destination for their customer base.

McGonigle’s Needed to Trim the Fat off their Website

Their old site was visually heavy and difficult to navigate for visitors. The homepage was text heavy and hard to read. There was also the issue of streamlining the e-commerce side of the website. McGonigle’s Market is known for their steak shipping, but it was difficult to order online and then also challenging on the back end to process those orders.

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Xpert Web Design to Boost Leads for McGonigle’s Market

Our talented design team used a mix of styles that represents the personality of the brand that is McGonigle’s Market. We combined a sleek web design with a smarter online buying process for an amazing new website. We used a blocking design on the homepage along with bigger icons and images to break up all the different key services. This allowed us to still include all the different important business aspects of the company without having to rely on too much text. This makes for a much more visually appealing user experience.

We also updated the e-commerce side of the website by making it a more streamlined process to order steaks. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for, keep track of your shopping cart, and to keep tabs on your order as it’s shipped. Plus, we upped the ante on security protection to protect customers. The processing part has also been streamlined thanks to new e-commerce elements. Now it’s easier for the company to process orders, and get them shipped quickly to their final destination.

“Lure Creative made creating and launching a new website very painless. Their expertise and organization took a lot of pressure off of me to come up with ideas and content.” – Mike McGonigle – Owner, McGonigle’s Market
We are proud to see our work pay off in real revenue for McGonigle’s Market. If you’re interested in a customized website design like this one, give the Lure Creative team a call at (913) 649-4040.

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