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What Is HubSpot & How Small Businesses Benefit from It

June 25, 2015
HubSpot and Inbound

Maybe you’ve heard of HubSpot in a podcast recently, or seen their bright orange logo somewhere in passing. It’s quite likely that you’ve already had some exposure to this massive company that is making waves in the marketing industry right now. One of the great things about HubSpot is that it’s not only a growing powerhouse, but it’s widely accessible to all types of companies in different industries and of different sizes. Here’s a more in-depth look at what exactly HubSpot is, and how it can work for a small business like you.

The Ins & Outs of HubSpot

HubSpot is more than just a company selling a marketing tool. It uses a new way of thinking to approach marketing that doesn’t annoy people or turn them away. A strategy called inbound marketing is the main driving force behind this company. Inbound marketing is based on the idea that educating and nurturing your relationship with a lead is important throughout every part of their journey to becoming a customer. And this isn’t just a theory, it’s backed by case study after case study.

Just because this strategy is being deployed by some of the world’s largest and savviest businesses, doesn’t mean it won’t work for small businesses though. In fact, we’ve found that it works remarkably well to boost lead generation and sales conversions for many of our small business partners here at Lure Creative, and it can work for you too.

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How Small Businesses Thrive from Using HubSpot

Inbound marketing is useful for small businesses because it helps you manage expenses, increase your marketing reach and make sure your customers can find your products and services on the web with ease. The HubSpot dashboard will allow you to track your progress, leads, and more, all in one place. It simplifies the analyzing process while also giving you a more in-depth look at statistics than you would get on most social media platforms.

Everything this marketing hub involves is specifically useful and beneficial for small businesses. While small businesses have different challenges than large companies, many times you’ll find that you’re still competing with companies that have larger budgets and greater resources than you. HubSpot can help even the playing field and get you more leads from your ideal target customer.
Call us today at (913) 649-4040 to find out more about how HubSpot can help your small business grow and prosper.

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