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What Should an HVAC Company Ask Before Hiring a Website Marketing Company?

May 7, 2015

14ThingsHVACWebsiteMy hope is that you are reading this because you have not already called our company out of frustrations that you are having with your current website or web marketing service provider. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the same complaints over and over and over.

OK, you talked me into it….

I went back through old emails, notes from first time callers looking for a new website, and used my recollection of these unfortunate events to create my master list of 14 Things You Wish You’d Asked Before Hiring an HVAC Website Company.

So if Lure Creative had only worked with a few heating and cooling companies, I would have to make this quick post more general in nature. But since we have worked with over 142 HVAC companies, I think we have reached the point of truly knowing.

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One of the first things that I ask a new HVAC company who calls, is to tell me about their past experience with website and marketing companies. Their response is amazing and rarely a good experience.

“I think the web industry has reached an all time high in technology and an all time low in customer service.”

Here are a couple of ringers for instance… Every time I had a website change it took them two weeks. Plus I had to call them every other day just to make sure they were on top of it. To avoid this, be sure to ask, “Can I depend on a quick turn around when I request website changes?”
One of the more popular disasters I hear is… When I left my last website marketing company they took all of my website files, Facebook page, online reviews, call tracking numbers, etc. with them! Be sure to ask “Will I own my website and code, will the social media accounts, email software account, phone tracking numbers and more be in my company’s name with administrative access?”

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