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Your Social Media Marketing Guide: What You Should Be Posting & Where

February 19, 2015

You use social media for personal reasons, so it should be easy to use it to promote your business, right? Wrong. Just because you believe that you’re a seasoned Facebook and Instagram user, doesn’t mean you understand and know how to implement the best social media marketing practices for each platform. Social media marketing is a more calculated practice than many think. In order for your efforts and posts to be the most effective, you first need to understand what type of content to post, and where to post it. Here are three of the most effective types of posts to boost your business’s marketing on social media and the best platforms to post each type of content on. Each type of industry and business size requires a different combination of posts, but this can at least give you a rough guideline of where to focus your efforts for the most return on your investment.

Post Type 1: Product & Project Pictures

What: Pictures of any sort are always a good idea to use to boost your social media efforts. Not only are they more likely to capture the attention of the audience (most people’s attention span is very limited online), but images are more likely to be commented on and shared than other forms of content on social media. Pictures are by far the most engaging form of content, with an 87% interaction rate on Facebook, which is huge compared to just 2% for a status update with no picture.

Do It Better: Don’t just share any picture on your social media pages, though. Make sure you are posting high quality, high resolution photos. Use photos that have bright colors to grab users’ attention. Also, make sure you include a relevant link with your picture post to drive traffic back to your website.

Where: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, Google+

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Post Type 2: Witty One-Liners

What: Any content you post should evoke some sort of emotion, whether it be something that pulls on the heart strings, creates fear or urgency, or makes people laugh.Humor is one of the most powerful emotions that can help you market your company on social media effectively. From funny images, stories, videos etc. But there is something awesome about being able to make someone laugh in just a sentence or two. It’s not as easy as it seems, but when done right, it’s a powerful marketing tool, especially if it fits the character of your company. Humor is an effective way to humanize your company and connect with your audience.

Do It Better: First off, steer clear of touchy subjects and controversial topics. Clean is always better when it comes to marketing. Nothing online is ever really deleted these days. Next, find something odd or quirky about your industry, company, or the time of year, and call it out. Bonus points for posting with a funny image, meme, or gif that relates.

Where: Facebook, Twitter

Post Type 3: How-To’s or DIY’s

What:Educational content is another great marketing tool for social media. Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, and as the go-to source for relevant and useful information will increase the likelihood that social media users will keep an eye on your account in the future, and like and share your posts. This type of content tends to resonate with users  because it helps them save money on a project they want or need to do.

Do It Better: Ask your graphic designer to help you create a visually appealing flowchart, or infographic. Infographics filled with accurate data and factual tidbits that are displayed in an easy to digest design are best. Include credible sources for your data, use bright colors, and incorporate your logo and brand into the design.

Where: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+

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