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Which Social Media Marketing Metrics Are You Tracking?

December 7, 2012

When it comes to measuring your local business’ social media marketing efforts on Facebook, there is one metric that numerous individuals are hung up on…likes.  In the world of social media specialists, this metric is called a vanity metric.  What is often ignored or even unknown are the quality metrics, such as the total reach of a Facebook post (the number of individuals who viewed a Facebook post) which should be tracked at least once a month.  So forget the vanity metrics; Lure Creative website design and marketing company is here to tell you why the others are much more important to focus on!

Facebook Likes Do Not Mean Visitors Are Engaging With Your Social Media Marketing

Imagine that your Facebook business page has over 500 likes.  Each day you and your team are posting an interesting and new blog post, a high quality photo related to the company culture of your business, or an engagement post, which is a post geared to receive likes and comments from your page’s fans.  You are following the social media guidelines to a T, however you are not seeing any results that will positively affect your business.  There are no comments or likes on any of your posts, no website visitors are coming from Facebook, and you are certainly not seeing any leads assisted by your page.  So what’s wrong?

Quality Likes Are the Real Goal for Facebook Business Pages

While there is an abundance of likes, or Facebook fans, these likes are not “quality likes”.  This means that the Facebook fan does not engage with any of the posts.  He or she does not leave comments on a post or click its like button.  When a Facebook fan does not do this, they are not considered to be a “quality like” and are nearly worthless for a business’ social media marketing.  They are there, more or less, to make the Facebook page simply look popular.

Social Media Engagement Spreads Your Post to Other Facebook Users

It is important to focus on quality likes because when Facebook fans engage with a page, it creates a story on their profile.  This story, then, can be seen by their Facebook friends.  When this occurs, the reach of the Facebook post, which was explained in the first paragraph of this article, grows and Facebook users who do not “like” your page will now be tapped into.  In order to grow this metric, your Facebook posts need to be engaged with.  Without engagement, the typical Facebook post only reaches about 17% of its fans.

Quality Likes Are Much More Valuable Than Sheer Social Media Likes

It is important to forget the vanity metrics and start tracking measurements that actually mean something.  At the end of the day a Facebook page would be better off with 25 “quality likes” than 500 worthless ones.

For more information on social media marketing and quality social media metrics or social media services, give Lure Creative a call (855) 765-4500.

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