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Why That 1-800 Number Is Actually Discouraging Potential Heating & Cooling Customers

November 18, 2014

If you’re a small or local heating and cooling company there are a lot of things you probably do to try and seem bigger, and more professional to your customers. But one thing Lure Creative finds a lot of heating and cooling companies try to do that they shouldn’t is use a 1-800 number as their main service line. Here’s why you should take the number off your website and all your listings and use a local number instead.

People Want to Call a Business Close to Home

1-800 numbers discourage homeowners in your area from calling you because they actually do prefer local. When homeowners are looking to hire a heating and cooling company, they favor calling numbers with local area codes. This signals that the company will most likely be able to service their area. It also usually means that they can get to a homeowner quickly, because they are close by and probably know their way around the area. And it also helps your search engine optimization online. You’ll be more likely to turn up in a local online search for heating and cooling companies with a local area code.

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People Are Wary of Large Companies and Chains

Local homeowners are also wary of calling heating and cooling companies that list 1-800 numbers because they associate them with large companies or chain companies. While all large companies or chain companies aren’t the same, they typically don’t have the same spirit and talent that a local heating and cooling company has, and they tend to be less personal. With so many scammers out there these days, many homeowners are suspicious of phony companies who might drain their bank account.

Instead of 1-800 numbers or toll-free numbers, try to list a phone number with a local area code. If you’re located in an area with more than one area code, list two numbers with local area codes from your two largest services areas. Then, be sure to list all the cities that you service somewhere on your website so you don’t deter people from outside area codes from calling.

This is only one of several poor practices on your website’s homepage that could be preventing your from getting more local HVAC leads. What are the others? Download The Utlimate Checklist For Your HVAC Company’s Website Homepage by clicking the button below and put your website to the test.

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