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Why Choose a Custom Website from Lure Creative?

April 6, 2011

Custom Websites from Lure CreativeWhy choose a custom designed website over a website template? The custom website will give you a unique design which reflects your brand. It will have your logo, color scheme, and completely reflect your company’s personality. In other words, a custom site gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors in a big way. Custom website designs generally designed by expert web designers. Anyone can put graphics into a template … and usually “just anyone” is who they hire to do it for you. Should you pay for their services?

Custom websites are more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, which is a major factor in being seen by Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. If you have a website without SEO, it’ll be worthless for gaining new business and revenues. At Lure Creative, we follow ever-changing guidelines for getting better rankings with major search engines.

As technology advances, consumer behavior changes and the overall design of a site can go stale. The custom website can be adjusted for little cost. Add-ons, plug-ins and special features are much easier to add as you request them. Template website companies will not be eager to make these changes until they see it profitable to offer the changes to all their customers simultaneously.

Generally, template websites are very cheap and fast to create live on the web. Be aware of companies who sell website templates online. They will be a quantity company, not a true service company. Once they sell you the template, you’re on your own! You will receive poor (or no) customer service, and if the template fails, you’ve wasted your money. Plus, as technology advances, the template will have to be redesigned, which will cost you as much as a custom website by the time it is revamped.

Lure Creative provides custom web designing, web development and internet marketing services in Kansas City.

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