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Why A Company Blog Is Powerful For SEO & Social Media

December 12, 2012

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, it is almost necessary that your business’; website comes equipped with a blog. Blogs satisfy Google’s desire for fresh content, add to your business’ likelihood of being found online, provide content to push out through social channels, and allow customers and clients to learn more about your company. If your business’ blog has cobwebs from not being updated or your website is simply lacking a blog, then it is time to get started and here are a few reasons why!

Customized Blogs Can Be Added To Existing Websites

First things first! It is important to note that customized blogs can be added to already existing websites.  Just because your website was built without a blog, does not mean you need to start over from scratch. Lure Creative recently created a custom blog that was added to the website of a Kansas City construction company, Kenny’s Tile. Adding this powerful feature to their website only took a day, however its benefits will last them much longer.

Kenny's Tile Lure Creative Blog

Blogs Make Search Engines Happy With The Creation of Fresh Content

In order to be found online, it is important to appeal to the search engines. So when the search engine giant, Google, stated that websites with fresh content would rank higher, blogs became an even more necessary moving piece to SEO strategy.

Websites With Blogs Are More Likely To Show Up In Search Results

Each new blog post full of relevant keywords and search terms is equivalent to adding a page to your website.  The more SEO optimized website pages, the more opportunities your website has to be found by Google.

Blog Posts Provide Plenty Of Content For Social Media Networks

A blog is the perfect place to create the content that you want to share on social networks.  Put a link to your blog story in a Facebook or Google+ post, or send it out in a tweet. Why drive social media users to other websites, when a company blog can drive them back to yours?  Driving these individuals back to your website helps to generate leads.

Share Company Culture With Blog Posts

Blog posts provide a great opportunity to share the culture of a company with customers or clients.  The people, events, and day-to-day activities that create a company make awesome blog posts and give readers an opportunity to connect with your company on a more personal level.

For more information about adding a custom blog to your website, give Lure Creative a call (913) 649-4040 or toll free (855) 765-4500.

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