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Why Do Lure Creative Websites Generate Leads?

October 4, 2013

When visitors arrive at a website, what encourages them to pick up the phone and call the company? Is it the graphics? Are they engaged by the content? Or perhaps it is because of the strong calls to action. When it is a website designed by the Lure Creative team, it is the perfect combination of all of the above and a few more elements. Why is that? Because our websites are designed to generate leads. Here is how!

Lure Creative Websites Generate Leads

In the last twelve months Lure Creative generated over 50,345 tracked leads for our clients. What exactly does this mean? It means that we were able to track leads through call tracking phone numbers on the website or through website forms submitted by web visitors. 40,276 people picked up their phone and gave our client’s company a call and 10,069 people submitted a form on the company’s website. And those are just the leads that we tracked.

Websites Perform in Search Engine Results

Other leads come through what we call organic search results. This means that when people are searching Google or other search engines they found our clients’ website. How did this happen? When Lure Creative builds a website, we design it for two audiences. The first one being the consumer, the second being search engines. When a website is built with the search engine in mind, it includes search engine optimization (SEO). This helps websites to show up higher in search engine results. In turn, this brings more website visitors and more leads.

The Design of a Lure Creative Website Encourages Leads

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Lure Creative incorporates a combination of powerful graphics, engaging copy, and strong calls to action in our websites. When using these, a website has more appeal to the consumer, answers their questions, and encourages them to pick up their phone and call. Check out a recent blog post for examples of our website design: 3 Excellent Examples of Responsive Web Design. Now you have a basic understanding of how Lure Creative websites are designed to generate leads for any business.

If you need leads, give one of our website and marketing consultants a call at 913-649-4040 and schedule a free consultation to find out!

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