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Why Hosting Your Website on Your Own is a Bad Idea

April 5, 2013

In today’s world of online activity, websites are the main lifeline for a lot of companies. Not only do these marketing tools serve as a first impression for potential new customers, but they also work as a virtual sales person helping to contribute to the bottom line. With all of this potential business opportunity, it is important to understand your website hosting options and know which ones to avoid. Lure Creative put together a basic guide to help you learn more about your options and how to avoid risk when hosting your website.

Website Hosting on Your Company’s “Local Server”

What does it mean to host your website on a local server? Most companies have an internal server that provides the resources for a company to access files, the Internet, and email. While it would be a free place to host your website, there are many limitations that make this option too good to be true.

When combining the daily activities that occur on your internal server with your company’s website, the web server tends to be slow to load your website on viewers’ browsers, leaving your potential customers to experience more glitches and a longer load time. “Local servers” are not designed to properly function as a web server the same way that a dedicated web server is. This will result in poor performance.

Choosing a Cheap “Shared Server” Option

This option is one you may have seen advertised before by website hosting companies such as Shared servers tend to charge between $9 – $35 per month for space to host your website, along with dozens of other companies, on their server. These types of servers are cheap and sometimes take care of updates; however just like the local servers there are both pros and cons to using it.

While the updates may be taken care of, they often are not performed until all of the websites hosted on your shared server are ready to be updated. This means your brand new website may be stuck using older software because of a website that has not been updated in years. With dozens of websites hosted in one server the opportunity for overstuffing also arises. This tends to occur in poorly regulated servers. When this occurs there are too many websites competing for space, which can result in slow load times for the potential new customers visiting your website.

Leasing or Buying a “Dedicated Server”

As some people in the tech industry say, dedicated servers begin as nothing more than an empty hardware space that you are responsible for filling. What does this mean? It means that when you lease a dedicated server for website hosting it is up to you to prep the hundreds of server settings to get started, load and update the software, properly load website files, and create a user friendly dashboard to help you access anything held on the server and run your email.  Dedicated servers tend to run anywhere from $50 – $500 per month. However, be prepared to budget well beyond the server cost for things such as IT support and software updates.

While this pricey option may require some upkeep on your end, there are some added benefits to all of the high costs. Dedicated servers do not have the same problem as local and shared servers when it comes to load time. Because this is your own server you control the speed and are not limited by other sites. In fact you can increase RAM, or speed, as much as needed. This helps keep your potential customers on your website.

Hosting Your Website on a “Shared-Dedicated” Server

Shared-dedicated servers are exactly as they sound, a combination of the shared server and the dedicated server options. With this type of server you enjoy shared costs with increased quality, meaning there are a limited number of websites allowed on the server in order to control the speed.

The website experts at Lure Creative recommends using this type of a server to host your website. However before you do, ensure that the company in charge of the hosting will allow you the rights to your website. Why? If you are ever unsatisfied with the service that you are receiving and decide to stop hosting your website with a company that your site will not be held hostage. This is a necessary step to protecting your website and online marketing investments.

Now you are ready to make an informed decision about where to host your company’s website. At Lure Creative we offer shared-dedicated server space where your website files are owned by you and your website receives maximum performance at an affordable cost. In addition to this, we provide 24 hour monitoring service, daily backups of web files, and updates to software as well as email management and database management for content marketing systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

For more information about website servers or to learn how you can sign up for our server plan give us a call at (913) 649-4040.

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