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Why Investing In Facebook Post Boosting Is a Good Idea

July 11, 2014

The reign of free advertising on Facebook is essentially over. The seven-year stretch helped a lot of companies grow an audience online, but now Facebook is changing the game. But that doesn’t mean that you have to forfeit. You just have to change up your strategy. Lure Creative can think of at a couple reasons you should invest in boosted posts and a few ways to get the most out of your Facebook page after the new changes kick in.

Facebook’s Organic Reach Is Dwindling

Word on the street is that a company’s Facebook page’s organic page reach will be dwindling – again. This has been slowly happening since 2007. In February of this year page organic reach was down to 6.15%, but now it’s expected to drop to 1-2%. That means if you have 1,000 Facebook fans, only 10-20 of those fans will see your posts on their newsfeed. But remember, Facebook is a business too and they’re just trying to succeed like you by selling you a needed service.

Boosted Posts Reach Your Target Audience for Less

While the news may be a bit jarring and depressing, that doesn’t mean boosted posts are a scam or waste of money. They are actually a pretty great investment. You can choose your budget for each boost. And they are affordable. Just $10 has the potential to reach a few thousand individuals. Obviously the more your willing the spend the more people your posts will reach. But your posts aren’t going into just anyone’s newsfeed. You can tailor the target audience for each boosted post by age, location, and sex, even interests. That means people who are more likely to pay for your services will be viewing your posts.

Get the Most Out of Your Posts

And whether you are interested in boosting your posts or not, there is one thing that will be necessary for the success of your Facebook efforts. All of your content and posts needs to be more creative, thoughtful, and entertaining. The more interesting your Facebook posts are, the more interaction and engagement they will receive. And even if it isn’t a boosted post, Facebook will recognize that the post is receiving more attention and will push it to more users’ newsfeeds.

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