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Why Most Pay-Per-Click or “Search Marketing” Campaigns Fail

June 4, 2014

So you want to boost your company’s online presence and find more leads online. Pay-Per-Click advertising is a popular online marketing choice that can get you quick results. But if you don’t do it right, you could end up losing money and time, and still be at a loss for leads. Here’s how to avoid a failed PPC campaign, and get the business pouring in.

PPC Explained

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is an online marketing technique. It works like this: your business, or your advertising company pays a fee every time one of your ads is clicked. It is a way to buy visits to your site. These ads look similar to other organic search results, but pop up on the top, and usually have a small yellow box to the left that says it’s an ad. PPC is typically popular because the results are quick, and the amount of money you pay per click is usually trivial compared to the amount of money the leads are really worth in sales.

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Reason #1: Most Campaigns Don’t Utilize the Right Keywords

Many companies attempt to set up their own Pay-Per-Click or Search Marketing Campaigns, and unless they have a seasoned professional doing it, it’s almost always doomed for failure. That’s usually because amateurs don’t have the knowledge or experience to know what types of keywords will work. It’s important to keep in mind how consumers phrase their searches. For instance, an amateur might use the keywords “electrical contractor”, which is common industry lingo, but consumers don’t think or speak like that. They’re more likely to search for the terms “electrical company or repair”.

Reason #2: Negative Keywords Are Important Too

It’s also important to think about the type of words and phrases you DON’T want used to search for your services. These would be described as negative keywords. Negative keywords are just as important as keywords, and can significantly increase the conversion rate of your campaigns. By including negative keywords in your campaign you can save your budget for your top converting keywords. This will ensure a higher return on investment. A good rule of thumb is to include negative keywords like “manual” or “instructions” which might indicate the user is looking to do something themselves, and that they aren’t looking to buy a product or service.

Reason #3: The Lack of Tracking Conversions Contributes to Failed Campaigns

Tracking your campaign is the only way to tell if it’s actually working. But tracking it right is even more important. Many companies only track their campaign’s online forms that are submitted, which isn’t a good indicator of its overall effectiveness. PPC online forms only account for roughly 25% of conversions. In order to get the bigger picture of a campaigns’ effectiveness, you should also be tracking incoming phone calls, and which keywords or phrases are turning into leads and customers. That way you can properly measure ROI and eliminate keywords that are costing you money, but not gaining revenue for your business.

Reason #4: The PPC Ad Titles & Copy Don’t Convert

Bland copy is a huge no-no. Search Marketing campaigns are limited in the amount of copy you can include, so it needs to be clever, concise, and effective at converting clicks. Unfortunately, many campaigns are broad and generic, which leaves them lost in a sea of their competitors’ ads. A campaign must be unique, interesting, and eye-catching to be effective. And at the same time, it must include the service you provide, the term prospective customers are searching for, and what city or area you serve.

Reason #5: Most PPC Budgets Aren’t Large Enough

Lastly, if you aren’t willing to invest in considerable a budget for your PPC campaign, you likely will not see results. An effective campaign most often requires a minimum budget to see results, and to be worth your time and effort, especially in competitive industries. Ask your Search Marketing Consultant what minimum budget they recommend for your industry. Search Marketing services, like Google AdWords, usually don’t give you enough exposure for it to be worth your money if you don’t invest competitively.

To create a successful Pay-Per-Click or Search Marketing campaign, call the experts at Lure Creative, at (913) 649-4040.

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