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Why Regular Website Maintenance Is Like Tuning Up an AC Unit

June 18, 2015
Website Needs Updates

In reality a website and an air conditioner are completely different, but when you dig a little deeper you realize that they are actually quite similar. They both rely on efficiency and new technology to operate at their peak. Here’s why we recommend getting regular website maintenance, just like you would schedule for your air conditioner before the hot summer season came around.

Maintenance Increases Efficiency of the System

When it comes to your website, as well as an air conditioner, they both require maintenance to keep their systems running efficiently. Doing updates to your Content Management System is like performing  a 20-point efficiency test on your air conditioner. Take a look at your load times for all the landing pages on your website, and make sure to take the needed adjustments to help them load faster. This is important to make sure website visitors stick around. Just like if your home was too hot because your air conditioner was being too slow to cool your home your guests would leave. Load time of your pages will also affect your search engine rankings.

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Fixing Underlying Issues That Might Otherwise Go Unnoticed

Regular maintenance can also uncover problems you didn’t even know you had. Similar to having a Freon leak in your air conditioner’s compressor, website maintenance could uncover things like broken links and 401 Errors. It’s best to take care of these often and while they can do little damage, over time they can snowball into a bigger issue that’s harder to fix, and will cost you a lot more.

New Updates and Standards Require Changes

Without regularly going into your website’s CMS and making changes, your website, like an un-maintained, dirty air conditioner, would get rusty and become less desirable. SEO best practices are constantly changing according to Google’s algorithm, and page formats and layouts are going out of vogue. The regular site updates keep your page relevant on the search engines, and more easily found.

Maintenance Keeps Things Fresh

No one likes breathing dirty air, just like no one likes reading old, irrelevant content on your website. Regular maintenance to the content on your site is crucial to keeping it fresh and updated. New content will boost your search engine optimization and increase your link building. Repurpose old content, like you would wash and reuse an old air filter. Or, start from scratch and build new content into your site, like updating your air conditioner with an upgraded air filter with superior air filtration for the freshest air possible.

Prolong the Life of Your System

Regular maintenance to your site can also prolong its life, the same as with an air conditioner. While it’s inevitable that you will eventually need a new website or a new air conditioner, you can draw out the need for one to give yourself more time. Maintenance will ensure that it continues to run efficiently and smoothly for longer, as well as stay relevant and in style. The more regularly you schedule maintenance the more likely you are to squeeze more time out of it. If you only make updates sparingly, you’ll find your rankings will go stagnant, and your site will go out of style very quickly.

This parallel may not have been obvious  to you, but it’s definitely relevant and true. Call the website design team with the experience to keep your site well maintained at Lure Creative today at (913) 649-4040.

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