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Why Responsive Web Design Should Be Your Business’s Next Investment

April 17, 2013

From desktop computers and tablets to laptops and mobile phones, there are dozens of mediums for website surfers to find your company online. However when these web surfers arrive at your website on one of the many devices, platforms, or browsers out there, is your website being displayed on each device the way that it was intended to? A recent technology advance in web design called responsive website design allows for your website to do just that!

So what is this new web development technology all about and is it worth your business’s investment? The Lure Creative team put together this guide to help you learn about the benefits of this new approach to web design.

Responsive Web Design Serves as One Stop Solution

First things first, what is responsive web design? According to Lure Creative’s Sr. Website Developer Todd Van Arsdale, “Responsive design is a one stop solution for all of the different platforms out there.” Think about it. An iPad has different screen dimensions than an iPhone and that iPhone has different screen dimensions than an android, so on and so forth. Instead of having to build a unique website to fit the dimensions of each device, you can use responsive web design.

Website Design with Fluid Approach

“With responsive web design, you stop thinking about devices and start thinking about dimensions,” Van Arsdale explains, “it is similar to a series of snapshots at different widths.” Check out the images below of a recent lawn care website design that Lure Creative did for As the size of the website browser shrinks in size, the most important website information is automatically pulled to the top.

Lure Creative Websites Heritage Lawns and Irrigation

Web Experts Express Importance of Responsive Design

Lure Creative’s web design team believes that this technique is cutting edge and a great investment for businesses in need of a new website or a redesign. However, we are not the only ones who believe this. Mashable’s CEO, Pete Cashmore deemed 2013, “The Year of Responsive Web Design”. And author of “The Art and Science of Web Design”, Jeffrey Veen said, “Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.”

By choosing responsive web design for your website, you are not only staying on top of the newest advances in web design but will also increase the user experience. When doing this, the amount of time a visitor spends on your website increases and the opportunity for a lead or sale is much higher!

For more information about responsive web design, give Lure Creative a call at (913) 649-4040.

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