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Why Your Company Should Blog

July 12, 2011
Kansas City Blogging Lure CreativeSo you’ve heard a lot about blogging and maybe you’re wondering why people, especially companies, do it. Well, there are plenty of good reasons, but the number one reason is actually a very practical and quantifiable one – search engine optimization (SEO). Google loves new content. You have a website, but making updates to your website only happens only once in a great while or perhaps once a month if you have a monthly coupon or offer that gets updated. Usually, updating your website costs money. You may have a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to make the changes, but even then, how often do you do it? Probably, only when you have to. So if Google loves new content, and moves your site up in the rankings when you add it, what’s the easiest way to add new content on a regular basis?
A blog allows you to add fresh new content (rich with keywords) to your website any time you want to. It’s easy and affordable. Because we are a marketing and website company and our goal is to get your site to the top of the search engines, SEO is going to be the main reason we suggest that you get a blog set up. But there are plenty of other fringe benefits to having a blog. Here are just a few:
Give Your Company a Personality – A blog is a great way to humanize your company. Let’s face it, every company seems a little stuffy, stale and “the same” on the outside. A blog allows your customers a glimpse into the inner workings and the people of your company. There is no way with traditional media to offer this kind of insight and closeness. And with insider information, your customers feel they know you more and that leads to TRUST. Trust is the holy grail of all marketing efforts!
Establish Yourself as an Expert – A blog can contain articles about your industry that establish you as an expert in your field. Every industry is different, but if you talk specifics about a particular product, service, problem, trend, etc. your readers realize that you know your stuff. And if you establish yourself as an expert who’s willing to share that expertise, you establish…say it with me…TRUST. Show me a TV, print or radio ad that can do that!Some ideas that work well on blogs include:
  • Case Studies
  • Before & Afters
  • Problem/Solution
  • Viewpoints on Hot Topics in your Industry
  • Introducing a New Product or Service
If you need help setting up or managing a blog, give us a call. We can custom design a blog that matches your website design and provide copywriting services to keep your SEO in great shape.

Call today and ask us about our blog services (913) 649-4040.

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