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Your Phone Isn’t Ringing? 5 Things to Try

March 6, 2015

As a business owner, your worst fear is your phone not ringing because that ultimately means no incoming business. But when the phone isn’t ringing, there is usually a reason why, whether it be it’s a holiday, or something more serious, like your company’s online reputation. If you find yourself contemplating why you’re in this dire situation, try one of these five marketing tips and see if it helps trigger a response from customers.

Refresh Your Website Design

An outdated website can turn potential customers away within seconds of their visit. If your website has seen better days, hire a website design company to freshen it up. Things like easier navigation, the platform you use, the page organization, etc., can really help spruce things up. Another great way to freshen up your site is to make the move to responsive design. This allows your site to reformat accordingly to any device someone might use to search for youlike mobile, tablet, or laptop. Here’s a great blog post on why website redesign is so important.

Ditch the 1-800-Number

If you’re still using a 1-800 number for your service line, cancel it now. It could potentially be doing more harm than good for your business. People like to call businesses that they know are in their area and will be able to service them quickly. A 1-800 number can sometimes signal that you are a national chain, meaning your locations could be anywhere, as well as your call center.

Get Social

If you haven’t yet made the leap to social media, now is the time to do it. It’s not just for college students anymore.t’s actually a great way to market your company and boost its online reputation. Many of your customers are already on social media and it’s an easy way for you to keep a top-of-mind awareness with your customer base, keep them up to date on your services, and to give them valuable and educational information that will lead them back to your website, and hopefully to call you for service. Social media is also a great way to boost your search engine optimization. Regular posting shows search engines that you are active online, and linking back to your site gives you some more credibility, too. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this Lure Creative post on how to create social media posts and where to post them.

Create a Newsletter

Your past and current customers tend to make up the bulk of your future customers too. This means, if you can target them correctly, there is a greater chance of them coming back to you for business than someone else who hasn’t done business with you before. One way to target your past customer base is via a monthly email or newsletter. Include any special deals you have going on, recent blog posts, industry news, and a personal letter from your president.

Clean Up Your Directory Listings

This may seem old fashioned, but directory listings are still very powerful. While the physical Yellowbook may not be your best best, other online listings with your company’s contact and address information is how many of your customers find you. So make sure that all of your directory listings are accurate and updated. While it’s hard to go through and find each listing you may have out there, Lure Creative uses a program that allows us to do this much more efficiently. This not only allows us to make sure the right information is being distributed, but it also boosts your SEO. Search engines will knock you a few points if you have incorrect listings, ya know.

Still not sure where to start or what to do? Call the marketing experts at Lure Creative at (913) 649-4040. We’ll help get that phone ringing again.

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