Lead Generation

Attract New Patients With Google Ads
Google Ads has become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to boost their online visibility and attract new customers. This is especially true for healthcare providers and health and wellness...
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frustrated doctor
Hey Doc, You’re Doing Too Much…Do Less 
Do Less GIFfrom Do GIFs We see it all the time. Hardworking doctors who are trying desperately to grow their practices, practically killing themselves and getting nowhere. Sound familiar? If...
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Med spa marketing tips
9 Med Spa Marketing Ideas to Get More Patients
In the med spa industry, whether you’re trying to maintain your current size or grow your business, the one thing you must have is a steady flow of patients. But...
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Healthcare Leads
Could Your Practice Use 5 New Patient Leads Every Day?
Five new leads every day since the beginning of the year - if that sounds unbelievable, it’s not. That’s what we have averaged so far this year for our vein...
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digital channel for lead generation
Part 7: Which Digital Lead Generation Channel Is The Best For You?
Lure Creative is a full-service marketing company in Kansas City. We help small businesses Get Found & Be Known. In our adventures, we’ve found that many small business owners have...
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Email Tricks to Get More Clicks
Our copywriters here at Lure Creative love the book called Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso. They consistently say how much good information is in it, so we decided...
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How Social Selling Can Improve Your Lead Generation
I won’t need a cute infographic list to spell this out. The most important question any salesperson needs to answer is always, “How can I generate more leads?” Cold Calls...
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