CE Health Careers Reaches Out for HubSpot Setup & Integration Help [Case Study]

Total onboarding in under 30 days
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About CE Health Careers

CE Health Careers offers a unique way for hospitals to attract and hire the nursing staff they need. The healthcare hiring company finds nurses in the United States, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and invites them to hospital-sponsored hiring events after pre-screening them for “right fit” criteria of skills, experience, and certifications. CE Health Careers organizes these exclusive nurse hiring events and provides a select number of candidates for each event based on the available positions at the hospital they’re recruiting for.

Choosing the Wrong HubSpot Partner Made Migrating to HubSpot Too Difficult.

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Challenge 1. Migrating to the HubSpot Tool

CE Health Careers was originally using AWeber, ClickFunnels, and other online tools to conduct their marketing and sales efforts. Migrating from these tools to Hubspot should typically be a simple process, however, their prior agency had trouble making everything work together.

When Lure Creative had an “under the hood” look at CE Health’s prior agency’s HubSpot setup, it appeared that less than 10% of our exclusive HubSpot onboarding process and checklist was actually completed, leaving the entire HubSpot platform useless to CE Health Careers.

Marketing Company Communication

Challenge 2. Communication Issues

The prior inbound agency took the approach that they knew what was best, which forced the client’s voice to take a backseat. This breakdown in communication caused the client to grow frustrated when mistakes continued to occur. Some repeated mistakes included: improper list creation in HubSpot, unqualified lead gathering, and Facebook ads with consistently wrong messaging. All of this, and their concerns were still not heard!

At Lure Creative, we see success as twofold. Yes, we are the website consultants, inbound marketing gurus, and certified HubSpot agency, but nobody knows the client’s business better than the client. It takes both agency and company teams working together and sharing information to provide the best inbound and automated marketing programs that deliver the desired results.

Our process starts with a discovery document that allows us to get up to speed quickly with the client’s goals, as well as recognize what insights they bring from past experiences, and what they see their future looking like. We outline these details to ensure that our marketing team is all rowing the same direction before heading out to sea.

Lack of Qualified Nursing Leads

Challenge 3. Lack of Qualified Leads

Before coming to Lure Creative, CE Health Careers felt overwhelmed because while they had new contacts coming in, they weren’t the right leads. Their recruiters were wasting time and effort pre-screening unqualified leads, when they could have been getting to know the nurses who met their requirements and cultivating relationships with them. 

We know the importance of building strong relationships with our clients and being available for clear communication, and not being distracted by tasks that aren’t a priority for our clients.

Eager to help CE Health Careers get control of their recruiting process, we built quality marketing automation within HubSpot. Our new setup made it possible for the recruiters to spend their time on candidates who were ready to take the plunge into a new career by filtering out the contacts who didn’t meet the minimum requirements

“It just always seemed like the old agency was not on the same page. With Lure, they work more as a team, with specialists, all under the same roof. That’s what we were looking for.”

– Lisha Crytzer, Co-Owner at CE Health Careers

Fintastic Results After Only 90 Days of Working Together:

Landing Page Leads
Website Traffic
More Qualified Leads
Recruiting Hours Saved

CE Health Careers now has an inbound marketing and Kansas City website design agency they can trust. In under 30 days, the Lure team integrated HubSpot the right way. All reporting is accurate; inbound marketing campaigns are working; and lists, workflows, and CRM are all being used successfully. The current WordPress site now converts visits to leads, has proper SEO on board and looks great. CE Health Careers is now attracting, converting, and closing leads efficiently and effectively.

How We Achieved Success:

The Lure Team Patches the Boat and Helps Navigate CE Health Careers to Calmer Waters.

Step 1

We assessed their current HubSpot account, inbound efforts, SEO rankings, traffic, conversions, and website design.

Step 2

We outlined goals and challenges before properly onboarding CE Health Careers and integrating their culture into ours.

Step 3

We performed a one-time cleanup by executing our complete HubSpot setup process and properly optimizing their website to convert visits to leads. This included responsive/mobile upgrades, navigation changes, and improvements on basic design elements to get them up to date.

Step 4

We generated leads immediately. We ran test campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn to jumpstart both traffic and leads to meet candidate goals for an upcoming hiring event.

Step 5

We started inbound marketing campaigns. Our team recognized the need to use HubSpot for its strengths and set up proper inbound campaigns. This included creating buyer personas, then identifying their buyer’s journey, and creating compelling, inbound marketing campaigns that “lured” in new prospective candidates for the hospital hiring events.

Step 6

We built a solid marketing automation process to bring in the right leads on a consistent basis. We collected all of their ideal candidate characteristics through buyer personas, and spoke to their team to ensure that our system matched their company’s screening process. We then combined all of this information to create a robust qualifying system that saved their recruiters (and company) a significant amount of time.

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