Your Healthcare Website Will Cost More Than You Think It Should

Marketing is complicated. There are a lot of moving parts. Sometimes, we wish we could just be blunt with the doctors and healthcare company owners we are trying to help and tell them the cold, hard truth without sounding like rude, demeaning, know-it-alls. So, in an effort to enlighten and not frighten, we give you our new blog series “You’ve Been Schooled!”. We hope it will help healthcare business owners understand marketing a little better and make better decisions with their marketing dollars.  Today’s topic is websites and our expert is Brian Jonasson.

If I could vent about (ahem…educate) healthcare companies on websites, I would tell them this: Your Website Will Cost More Than You Think It Should

“At Lure Creative, we like to shoot straight. We work with healthcare companies so we understand that budgets are tight and marketing dollars are few and far between. We also know that the single most important piece of your marketing strategy is your website. If you want to grow your practice or medical group, you need a great website and SEO (search engine optimization) to make sure people can find that website. That’s today’s shortest marketing lesson. 

Because your website is so critical, you can’t just have your niece who is majoring in website design build your site. You need a team of people who know how to build your site to first, attract visitors, and second, convert those visitors to patients. Sounds simple, but it’s not. From the structure, to the navigation, to the user experience, many, many design, content, and SEO principles must be integrated. When we launch a website, it is user ready and internet ready, with SEO baked into the design. From wireframe to page layout to metadata, your site is designed to perform right out of the gate. If you settle for a cheap website, you will get what you pay for. 

If you are serious about growing your healthcare business, you need a professional website built by people who know what they are doing. Our websites are not the cheapest, nor are they anywhere near the most expensive. But our sites are worth what you will pay for them.” 

Brian Jonasson – Managing Partner

And there you have it. In today’s digital world where the patient’s journey starts online, if you want to grow your medical practice, you must invest in your website and SEO. It won’t be cheap, but it should be affordable. That’s what we try to provide – a quality website at a fair price. 

We hope this helps you in your quest to grow your healthcare business. If you’d like to learn more about website design or SEO strategies, we’d love to chat! Please contact Lure Creative and we will be happy to share our insight and expertise (but not in a bossy, condescending way) to help your healthcare business Get Found and Be Known.