The Best HVAC Website Design & Inbound Marketing Strategies for Heating and Cooling Companies

In addition to working more than a decade building HVAC websites and proven online marketing programs, the owner of Lure Creative actually worked in the HVAC business as a Sales & Marketing Manager for years. So if anyone understands how to attract new customers and close more sales for your HVAC business, it’s Lure Creative. We have worked with hundreds of heating and cooling companies’ websites across the U.S, and have created websites for individual HVAC contractors as well as medium and large-sized. HVAC services.

If you are simply looking for the best HVAC WordPress Website for your company, needing your website ranked on Google, have more leads to grow your company, Lure Creative is the game changer. After we build your HVAC website, you have the options of powering it with inbound marketing, social media, video productionSEO or even paid search. Our 100% HubSpot inbound-certified and in-house team generates thousands of HVAC leads for heating and cooling contractors each month and is a true partner in helping business like yours every day.

Designing Creative HVAC Websites

When designing your HVAC website, as well as marketing your HVAC company online, it is important to be working with a web company who is familiar with the industry. Knowing the most popular search terms people use on Google when searching for your company is important. For example, the term “ac repair Kansas City” gets searched online significantly more than “HVAC companies Kansas City” or “heating and cooling services in Kansas City”, when you work with a professional HVAC web design company that knows this, as well as the other best Heating and Cooling Industry keywords to use for your area (as each city and metro area can vary a little), they can then implement them appropriately into your website, your SEO efforts, and your overall online marketing strategy.

Heating and Cooling SEO

The heating and cooling industry can seem extremely saturated online, as well as competitive when it comes to ranking your Heating and Cooling website on Page 1 of Google. We have trained Search Engine Optimization experts on staff who have not only several years in the SEO industry, but multiple years working with HVAC Service Company’s Websites and SEO needs as well. We also do a thorough competitive analysis on your online competitors, as well as in-depth keyword research for the best search terms to target in your area, and then have our SEO Experts work to make sure their research findings are implemented in every stage of the website design process and marketing strategies implemented. This strategy helps you gain an immediate edge on a lot of the online competition and helps to rank your new website a lot faster than it would with other HVAC marketing companies.

HVAC Website Design and Creative Online MarketingIf your HVAC website design and/or heating and cooling company’s marketing strategy is drowning, let Lure Creative’s web consultants help you swim to success. We lead you step-by-step through our website and marketing process to make sure you miss nothing and get everything you want from your company’s HVAC website and HVAC marketing.

Jeremy Electrical
Lesco Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling - HVAC Website
Lancaster Brothers Heating & Cooling
Herrmann Services - Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, & Electrical in Cincinnati
Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling in Kansas City
Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling - HVAC Website in Kansas City

See Our HVAC Web Design and Marketing Process Below

Lure Creative has been a great asset to our company. They are easy to work with and always available. If you are looking to upgrade your website or strengthen your Google presence. Lure Creative is the way to go.
– Jeremy Tollie, Jeremy Electrical Heating & Cooling

Getting Started is easy with our Step-By-Step Lure Process

discovery and research for hvac websites onboarding process when working with heating and cooling companies team intro and kickoff meeting branding development persona workshop for new site hvac website design and build process hubspot setup and training inbound marketing for your new website search marketing and seo for heating and cooling companies sales & crm management results tracking once your website goes live persona experience design to get more qualified hvac leads


Sounds long and tedious right? Not with Lure Creative. Step 1 in our process has been streamlined to get what we need and get going. First, we ask for some general metrics, milestones and goals. Our team needs to understand what’s happened and where you need to take your company. Then we have a short Q & A that documents the majority of what we need to know. Doing this preliminary discovery means we can hit your goals faster with a solid marketing strategy.


All Aboard! Step 2 in our process is collecting data and information we need to start your web design, or build out your marketing program. We collect logos, branding requirements, company images, charts, graphs, illustrations and account information for social media and online tools. Our team will store this information for quick access in a secured, password-protected environment so we don’t have to keep asking you for it. Plus, we have it just in case you forget.


Lure Creative will assign you to one of our marketing teams that will learn your business, services, products, goals and more. A team leader “Account Manager” will act as your main point of contact. However, you will have access to the entire team during your project. In our Website or Marketing Kickoff Meeting, you are invited to personally meet the team who will be responsible for your success. Our Marketing Teams want to hear your story and tell it through the creative work they do. The results of a good Kickoff Meeting are that our people feel more personally accountable for results when they feel they know you.


Are you growing a business but don’t really have a brand? Our team can help discover your “inner you” and why your customers love you so much. When you re-package that secret sauce into something creative, you’ll start attracting even more great customers that want what you got! We help growing companies identify Core Values, Mission Statements, Brand Promise, Branding Statements, Branding Elements, USPs and more. The results of creating and documenting a good brand, is a more matured look and feel with a defined purpose that naturally draws the right customers to you.


To ensure every decision is made on behalf of your best prospects and customers, we perform a 2-hour workshop to identify at least three customer types we call Personas. We work with you and your team to discover the traits of the businesses you love doing business with and love working with you. We find out what their pain points are, why they need your product or services, and what motivates them. By documenting ideal customer personas, it reminds our content writers, designers and marketing of who we are trying to attract.


Many inbound marketing agencies dabble in web design or manage website projects, but send the work out to a freelancer or 3rd party vendor. All our work is done custom, in-house and is made right here in good ol’ America! Our WordPress websites or HubSpot websites all go through our 300+ Quality Checklist that keeps us on track to make sure every detail is added without missing elements that make your website perform on search engines, in different browsers, is user friendly and works for a long time. We even have a 2-Year Exclusive Guarantee!


Now that your website is built right, it creates a solid foundation for performing Inbound Marketing. But first, we must integrate the tools that transform your website into a lead and marketing machine. Lure Creative is a HubSpot Certified, Gold Partner that can get your company up and running quickly with an inbound marketing program. Yes, we can set up HubSpot by integrating into your WordPress website also. When we are done, you will have a marketing tool that includes social media posting and monitoring, email marketing, automated lead nurturing, keyword tracking, SEO tools, CRM with all contacts, source tracking and much more.


It’s time for action! Our 100% Inbound Marketing Certified Teams work with you to include your ideas, will brainstorm on new marketing, and will formulate an inbound strategy to meet your goals. Once they have a plan and you approve, it’s time to get to work. Our teams will work in a 2-week “Sprint” to execute all the work for either a month or quarterly marketing plan. This requires very little of your time, but we do need your experience to make it all work. Our customers are a vital part of our success and we treat them as one of our core team members.


Although not required to work with Lure Marketing, we highly recommend adding a search-marketing program alongside inbound marketing to act as a traffic builder. Many of our customers use TV, Radio, and even Direct Mail to help drive traffic to the website where our Inbound Program converts them into leads. At Lure, our Google Adwords Certified Specialists can setup and manage a paid search campaign that brings you qualified leads that need your products and services now! This is also a great option for short term leads as your Inbound Marketing program is building momentum.


Do you already use Salesforce or Pipedrive? Or maybe you want to use HubSpot’s Free CRM tools. At Lure, we can help integrate a CRM program into HubSpot to create a full-circle, closed loop-marketing program. This means we can track what marketing campaigns produced the best leads with the highest closing percentage and revenue. Our sales team is Inbound Sales Certified and trained to help your sales team with HubSpot’s CRM and with learning best practices for your new Inbound Sales Program.


We track more than traffic and clicks! We track web form submissions, integrate call tracking and recording, and can apply heat maps and recording to your website so that we know absolutely everything about your visitors. We learn how they use your website and what Lures works best for them. We measure these results against your goals and our marketing team tracks those goals each day, week and month. The longer we work with your company, the more data we can use to build out a smart, data-driven marketing program that is self-improving.


What good is data and tracking without a system to improve your website and marketing from what we learn? So we developed our own method of Growth Driven Design called Persona Experience Design. This is a process in which we make ongoing improvements to your website to help give your target personas more of what they like and want. With this service, you are assigned a UX web designer who is Growth Driven Design Certified to lead you through the process and make the recommendations that will keep converting visitors to leads at the highest rates. This method has proven to produce 20% more lead results than our typical “Design, Build and Hang” websites that do not evolve after the launch.

Don’t Know Where to Begin?