Buyer Personas

What is a Buyer Persona?

When customers first here the word Buyer Persona, that tilt their head a bit in confusion. Then they quickly relate a Buyer Persona to what they have always known as “Target Audience” or “Demographics” of their best customers. Although demographics are certainly considered and documented in a Buyer Persona, a target “Audience” they are not.

The counter to talking to an audience is talking to an individual. That’s what we do at Lure Creative. We speak to individuals in our copy, visuals and inbound marketing campaigns. We like to speak one-to-one and address the needs of the Persona. This could be a discovery of an event that just took place. They could be doing research on a product or service, or they could be at the final stage of the Buyer’s Journey where the are trying to choose what company they will use to solve their problems.

When you approach marketing in this manner, the website visitor, or reader feels more of a connection and is more compelled to take action. The result is a higher conversion rate for your marketing efforts.


The Results of Creating Ideal Buyer Personas

At Lure Creative we have seen the power of Buyer Personas in website design and development and marketing both. This is a short-list of the positive results:

    • Attracting more visits by targeting accurate keywords/phrases your buyers use.
    • Attracting the right prospects to your website producing higher quality leads.
    • Increase in sales closing percentages and higher avg. ticket sales.
    • A more informed prospect from absorbing your helpful inbound content.
    • More efficiency in your sales staff by spending time on sales qualified leads.
    • Happier customer experience by helping them through the Buyer’s Journey.

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How do you create Buyer Personas?

Buyer Personas are created by modeling your best customers. You concentrate on the ones you love doing business with and why. What was their challenges when they called you, what did they like about your company and how did you solve their problem? Then reverse your research and outline what a day in the life of this persona looks like. When you compile the right information in the right storyline, you have created a successful Buyer Persona.

Buyer Persona research can be done in several or all of the following ways. Customer Surveys of your top revenue customers, customer interviews, interview your company’s sales team, interview the business owner. By understanding how and why the buyer engages with your company, you start to get a clear definition of the idea customer that you “want” to work with. At Lure Creative, we perform Buyer Persona Workshops that combine several of the ideas above into a process that extracts the information we need from you and your sales team and/or management in just a couple of hours.


What are Negative Personas?

Just as important of defining who you want as buyer personas, is understanding and documenting who you “Don’t” want. These are called negative Buyer Personas. These can be helpful to your marketing team to no what word, phrases or audiences to avoid in creating content and choosing marketing channels to reach your ideal customers.


Learn more about Buyer Personas and Inbound Marketing by scheduling free consultation with one of our certified Inbound Marketing Consultants.

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