Our Inbound Methodology

Inbound Methodology

1. A Strong Strategy for Best Inbound Marketing Results

The cycle of our Inbound Methodology is a version of the original method presented by HubSpot. At Lure, we had to make it a bit more complex by adding two stages before the original Attract-Convert-Close-Delight. Our method places more emphasis on the Strategy first that is needed to execute a successful campaign that involves many social channels, mediums and actions in order to properly reach a volume of your desired personas or audience.

2. Compelling Creative Makes All the Difference Today

Because Lure Creative is a Creative Agency, of course we had to add this stage into our methodology. With so many companies doing Inbound Marketing, the eye-catching graphics, avoiding stock photos and adding unique branding elements to your creative can set your campaigns apart from other visual noise and content being produced and promoted.

3. Attract the “Right” Buyers vs. Chasing Traffic and Clicks

Before we were an Inbound Marketing Agency we focused only focused on increasing traffic, clicks, conversions and people in general. But now, we focus on Attracting the right personas  to improve the quality of our content and messages. Yes, we still focus on traffic and clicks, but only when attracting the right audience that does not waste your sales team’s time, increases closing percentages and overall revenue.

4. Take Advantage of Website Traffic and Convert More Leads

Great content is compelling, tells a story and relates to the problems or needs of the Buyer. Our approach concentrates on relating to the visitor in any stage of the Buyer’s Journey, helping them solve their problem, and offering content that builds trust in their brand or company. When they give you contact information in return for your free downloads/offers, the results is more leads in the pipeline and a higher Conversion rate on your website.

5. Close More Sales Using an Inbound Strategy

We found very quickly that our Inbound generated leads were much more qualified, read our materials and downloads, and was a more educated buyer than your typical online lead. As sales teams increased their Closing percentages from 5% to 20% more year over year, we knew that we were on the right track. What’s  even better is using our Inbound Strategies for Sales Enablement and showing sales teams how to use Inbound Sales Strategies alongside our marketing program for best practices and top results with today’s buyers.

6. Turn Your Customers into Raving Fans

Delight your customers by continuing to offer them helpful information that makes their lives better. Continue educating them, and showing them new products and services that build a strong relationship with your customers. If you do everything right, you will increase your referrals by creating Raving Fans, not just customers.

Inbound Summary

The 6-part process recycles monthly where we track the results, re-strategize, re-create and improve content, offers and more. It’s smart marketing with increasing results.

Different inbound marketing tactics are used for each step in the process. See Here…

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