Inbound Sales: How you sell to customers has changed…have you?

What is Inbound Sales?

Selling is fun again when you can just help customers get what they want. But you should be aware that you don’t always know what they want or need. No matter how experienced of a salesperson you are, the game has changed. Consider the following…

With the web as a resource to research and find anything you need to know before you start shopping, the salesperson’s role has altered. They don’t need you to tell them about the products or services. Especially if your website is “Sales Enabled”. So what’s the role of the Salesperson?

Now you can spend more time building a relationship with the buyer. Identify what their problem, connect with them, Explore solutions and advise them on what products or services solve their problem.

Inbound Sales Methodology
Nowhere in the above description and diagram do you see the word “Sell”. That’s because the most successful sales team don’t “Sell”, they “Educate”. They don’t “Pitch” they “Help”.

Inbound Salespeople Understand How to Leverage The Buyer’s Journey to Sell More

It’s crucial to identify with your customer so you assess what stage of the Buyer’s Journey they are in. Are you getting them early in the Awareness Stage when they are just trying to figure out why the problem occurred so they know what to do next? Did they discover what happened and now in the Consideration Stage of considering their options? Or is it Decision time and they need to choose who they will pay to solve their problem?

Legacy Salespeople vs. Inbound SalespeopleInbound Sales: More than just another sales strategy!

If you think that Inbound Sales is just a refresh to the sales tactics you have always known, think again. Inbound Sales also includes aligning your marketing and sales strategy so that a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is handed off perfectly with the best chance to become a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). The whole process uses a cloud-based software that tracks the lead throughout all stages of the Buyer’s Journey, takes advantage of automated lead nurturing emails and offers, and migrates that lead to prepare them to become an ideal Sales Qualified Lead.

So how has sales changed? The inbound marketing process attracts, converts, and helps close new sales without lifting a finger. By the time the sales team get’s the lead, it’s somewhere between luke-warm and hot, and almost ready to buy. Using technology and software available today, the sales process is smoother and allows the salesperson of today to be a true partner as the prospect travels through the Buyer’s Journey, using all the inbound tools available today.

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