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Why Inconsistent Local Business Listings Are Costing You Money.

Every day, hundreds to millions of searches occur by highly qualified customers looking for YOUR product or service. Their search results yield a mixture of directory listings such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook, followed up by local business’. What if that person clicks on your Yelp profile, only to land on a page that has an outdated phone number, or a web address that was from before the rebranding occurred.? Here is the worst part, you know you have changed that Yelp to the correct information before. Bottom line, your company is missing the low hanging fruit and leaving money on the table due to inconsistent citations. How do we fix this? Let’s start with the basics…

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What are local citations?

Local Citations, sometimes called NAP SEO, consists of having a the exact same Name, Address, & Phone Number etc… across various local directory listings such as Google My Business, Business Yelp, Bing, Merchant Circle, and many more.

Why do local business listings Matter?

Local business listings matter because they drive qualified traffic to your product or service. Not only that, citations & their consistency are huge factors in Google Maps Raking. With nearly 60% of local searches occur on mobile devices, Map Pack Ranking are becoming more and more important.

How many Business Citations do I Need?

The short answer, it is more about quality than quantity. Different data aggregators aka directories are looked at either more credible or less credible by Google thus the fewer citations from more credible listings could out weigh more listings from less credible. It is also important to understand the hierarchy of directory sites. Google does not go out and pull information from every directory site to create your listing, they only go to the top sites. Those top site pull information from smaller directories and it just continues down the line. This is why consistency is so important, and also why even if you change your listing at the top level, it may change back to the “old address”. This is where the Yext advantage comes into play.

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Why Use Yext?

Lure Creative is a Proud Certified Yext partner. Yext is a unique citation management platform offering over 70 citations from Google My Business to HotFrog all on one dashboard. Your online NAP is managed exclusively by Yext Certified Professionals ensuring consistency & optimization of various citation profiles. What separates Yext from other citation Managements services?

  1. Match & Lock Technology: Yext Proprietary API Technology locks your listing’s NAP information from being changed by inaccurate 3rd party sources
  2. Duplicate Listing Suppression: Wave goodbye to multiple listings
  3. Real-Time Updates: Whether it’s an address change or timely promotion, all listings can be changed instantly
  4. Reporting & Insights Dashboard: Customizable analytic dashboards allow tracking of traffic and much more
  5. Real Time Review Monitoring & Response Capabilities: Respond to your customers directly with review alerts & updates

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  • Get found on the web’s top directories
  • Creates powerful backlinks for SEO
  • Change your info across the web at once
  • Load videos & photos for self-promotion
  • We optimize copy/images for SEO

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