Expert Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services in Kansas City

Apply the #1 online strategy that successful companies today are using to generate qualified leads for their sales teams. Here at Lure Creative, we take a holistic approach to lead generation. Inbound marketing, Blogging, U/X Website Design, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, and of course, Paid Search Advertising, aka PPC, are all crucial components to a successful online marketing strategy. This is why we look at each account and evaluate where Paid Search fits into your long term lead strategy.

Paid Search Solutions For Every Budget

Enterprise Edward

Enterprise Edward Persona for a PPC Agency in KC

Edward is Marketing Director or CEO of company a sales force of 20+ people. He wants to leverage those marketing dollars into sales and knows PPC is an essential piece to the overall marketing plan. Edward’s company is either a national brand promoting a line of products or has numerous locations that need local leads across the region. Edward has specific goals his company wants to hit and needs help to achieve them.

Typical Budget: $500+/day

Dominate Danny

PPC Agency Persona Dominate Danny

Danny is a business owner with a sales team of 10+ people with an insatiable appetite for leads. He wants to leave no stone unturned with Paid Advertising and has the budget to make that a reality. Danny wants to be in the number 1 spot for all of his campaigns because he wants the highest number of people to see his Ads. Danny wants to put his advertising budget to work by going after the meat AND the fringe leads.

Typical Budget:  $250-$500/day

Mid-Range Molly

Mid-Range Molly Persona for Google AdWords Agency

Mid-Range Molly is a business owner with a sales team of 5-6 people. She wants to increase traffic & leads without breaking the bank. She prefers a sniper approach with Paid Advertising and only wants to target a specific number of services and maximize the number of leads for those services. She wants to put her smaller advertising budget to work by forgetting the fringe and focusing on the meat.

Typical Budget: $100-$250/day

Frugal Francis

Frugal Francis Persona for a Google AdWords PPC Agency in Kansas City

Frugal Francis is a business owner that normally has 1 sales person plus himself who handles lead generation & marketing. This is Francis’ first foray into Paid Advertising and he needs to stretch his dollar as far as possible. Due to his budget, he focuses on a few specific products/services.He knows that the campaigns may be more unique & may take longer to fine-tune.

Typical Budget: $50-$100/day

“5 Percent of Advertisers get 95 Percent of the Traffic”

-Perry Marshall, PPC Consultant & Author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing

What is a Lead? How do You Measure It?

In PPC advertising, a conversion, aka a lead, is is calculated when a visitor to your site and achieves a positive action that you want them to take. For example, a person sees your call-only campaign ad on their smart phone and clicks the “Call Now” button, calls your business, and orders your product. This positive action, or lead, will be tracked and can help you figure out if you are running a profitable campaign.  Here at Lure, we track leads in 3 different ways:

Website Form Submissions

  • Form Conversion Tracking
  • HubSpot Trigger Keyword Tracking
  • Form Value Assignment Tracking

Website Call Tracking

  • Website Dynamic Number Insertion Tracking
  • Free Call Recording & Play Back Tracking
  • Phone Conversion Tracking

 Call Tracking From Ads

  • Call Extension Tracking
  • AdWords Phone Tracking
  • Conversion Reporting

Our Process

Through years of experience and training doing Kansas City PPC management and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns, we have developed a 4 step methodology to generate effective results on the Google, Yahoo!, & Bing platforms. This battle-hardened process is comprised of 4 parts: Pre-Launch, Set-Up, Launch, & Optimization.

We custom fit a solution based on your companies objectives and budget. We offer solutions in all shapes and sizes including Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Shopping Campaigns, Video Campaigns, Re-Marketing Campaigns, or a combination of them all.  Other solutions often include: Social Media Advertising, Facebook, Youtube, etc…


  • Consultation With Dedicated SEM Manager & AdWords Consultant
    • Meet & Greet
    • Identification of Overall Business Goals
    • Target Product/ Service Selection
    • Establish Budget
    • Establish Time Frame
  • Landing Page Selection & Analysis
  • Preliminary Keyword Analysis
  • Preliminary Competition Analysis
  • Contract


  • Account Set-Up
    • Custom Settings & Geo-Targeting
  • Deep Keyword Analysis
  • Campaign, AdGroup Set-up
  • Keyword Match Type Selection (Broad, Broad Modified, Phrase, Exact & Negative)
  • Conversion Tracking Set-up 
    • Website
    • Ad
    • Ad Extension
  • Ad Creation


  • Account, Campaign, AdGroup, Keyword, & Ad Setting Re-Check.
  • Campaign launched live in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube and Facebook. (or any combination).


  • PPC Campaign Optimization
  • Bid Management to ensure ROAS & ROI
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly spending goals and caps
  • Keyword optimization Including:
    • Quality Score
    • Negative Keywords
    • Additional Search Terms
  • Split-Testing
  • Performance & Conversions Email Reporting  (Monthly)
  • Complete Phone & Email Support With Paid Search Specialist

Why Lure?

Lure Creative has been mastering PPC campaigns since 2007, and is a proud Certified Google Adwords Agency Partner. Only companies that meet Google’s stringent criteria can claim the prestigious Google Partner Status. Furthermore, all of our paid search account managers are Google:

  • AdWords Fundamentals Certified
  • Search Advertising Certified
  • Display Advertising Certified
  • Video Advertising Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Mobile Advertising Certified
  • Shopping Advertising Certified

In Addition, all employees are at Lure Creative are HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified. This unique combination gives us and our clients insights and competitive advantage over the competition. The combination of Google’s  PPC marketing best practices combined with and understanding of  Buyer Personas and the Buyer’s Journey helps us to evaluate keywords, design paid search advertising campaigns, and formulate specific offers & landing pages that are designed to convert.

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