Marketing & Website Workshops

Buyer Persona Workshops


Whether you’re new to HubSpot or just getting started with Inbound Marketing at your company, let Lure Creative help you with the first step. Creating Buyer Personas is no easy task, but we have a very precise method to identify top buyer personas for any product of service. Hire Lure to do the first workshop, get the “How To” materials and you are up and running. Or keep coming back to our Inbound Marketing Team to discover new Buyer Personas.

This 2-3 hour discovery workshop helps identify top personas that your company targets. A Buyer Persona is a compilation of demographics, psycho-graphics and a story that documents the day and life of the top personas. It identifies their “Pain” and allows your marketing efforts to focus on solutions and education to the top persona to appeal to their emotions, and speak to them when, where and how they want to be spoken to. Up to 3 personas will be documented, however, many more personas may be identified during this workshop that can be built out later. Key staff will be required to attend (3-7 total). Customer will receive three documented personas with photos, and an outline of the workshop results.

Inbound Campaign Workshops

Our customers enjoy knowing that the month, quarter or annual inbound marketing plans are established and ready to execute. If you are a full-time Inbound Marketing customer with Lure Creative, your service agreement establishes how many times a year we coordinate and develop a Campaign Strategy.

If you are new to HubSpot or want outside help in creating an Inbound Marketing plan, our team of Certified Inbound Marketers can set up a workshop time and duration to discover your goals and capabilities. From there we will assist in creating an Inbound Strategy and documented plan for you to follow. You will also receive inbound processes and exclusive Lure Creative forms that help along the way.

Inbound Strategy

Branding Discovery Workshops

Do you have a great company, but not so great of a “Brand”? A name and logo will not define your brand. Actually, it should be the other way around. Who your company is, it’s culture and what customers love about your company all help make up your brand.

Let our branding experts perform a Branding Discovery Workshop to help extract the details that set you apart. Then we can show you how to monetize that brand through inbound marketing or create relevant and outstanding content on your website. Workshops can include: Brand Essence, Brand Promise, and/or Brand Persona (Voice/Tone).

Creative Branding

Branding Creative Workshops

Branding Creative may include logo concepts, color schematic, other imagery and style guide. Each branding workshop is custom and focuses on solving a problem, or set of problems when it comes to the lack of brand elements, dated branding elements and a refresh to breathe new life into your brand.

Branding Orientation

Branding Orientation Workshops

Following a new website, branding or logo refresh, you will want to roll it out to your team. That’s where we come in. A third-party agency coming into your business to reveal the new company direction can get the team excited and ready to promote the brand. Our workshops reveal the new direction alongside the business owners, and we will promote the new features on your website, logo and branding elements. Not all business owners feel that they are the right person to do this. So we are offering a Branding Orientation to help.

Core Values Workshops

Does your company even have core values? Or were they created in the 1980’s and need the dust blown off? Are your core values boring and read more like the boss’s instructions than a set of characteristics that represents your team’s reasons why they do what they do every day?

Hire Lure Creative to perform a Core Values Workshop and get a whole new set of core values that your team can be proud of and promote. At Lure Creative, we hire, promote and fire by our core values. They define our culture and our team. Without core values, you’re just a group of people who come to work every day to do what you must vs. a motivated team who comes in each morning knowing that they are a part of a greater cause with clear direction.

Core Values
Sales Process

Sales Process Workshops

Most often a 2-part workshop, the Sales Process Workshop helps improve or define the steps and stages in your company’s sales process. Every company should not only have a defined sales process, but they should use one to stay on track and for consistency in delivery top-shelf service.

For each Sales Process Workshop you will receive a document outlining the sales process that you can use for training, to share with customer support, sales coordinators, and to help setup a successful CRM for your sales team. Plus, you will receive an infographic that helps explain your process and can act as a visual for sales teams to keep them on track individually and as a group.

Sales Pulse

Sales Pulse Workshops

This unique workshop is set up for repeat sessions to keep your marketing, sales process and CRM on track. After your team performs a Sales Process Workshop, a consultant will be assigned to meet with your sales team to ensure the sales process is being followed, to help refine the sales process, and keep improving your HubSpot CRM to be the most helpful and effective it can be.

You sales team is required to participate and shows that you value their input. When you put your team in charge of making decisions that help them close, they own the sale process more and see your marketing efforts as a cohesive effort. The results will be higher quality leads, increased closing and a happier sales team.

Persona Experience Design Workshops

Persona Experience Design

An Inbound Approach to the Growth Driven Design Methodology. Technology evolves, users change, marketing changes daily, weekly and monthly. Shouldn’t your website keep up with this change? Persona Xperience Design uses your most effective inbound personas to redesign your website pages and the content and copy that your prospects find when they arrive. The result is more traffic, more conversions and more revenue for your company. Workshops require the key point of contact for your company to be present or on a conference call. We focus on one website page and a single product or service each “Sprint”. The PXD Workshop is recurring and conducted monthly by a UX and Growth Driven Design Specialist who can conceptualize and introduce creative ideas for solving page content that makes your persona targets want your company’s offers, products and services.