The Proof is in the Stats: Why Strong Web Design is a Must

Website Design does more than make your company look online. It can make your business look trustworthy and knowledgeable, and can convert leads into customers. And now, more than ever, mobile website design is important for converting leads. If you’re unsure about the benefits of great website design, we’ve rounded up some convincing statistics to persuade you.

94% of People Cited Web Design As The Reason They Mistrusted Or Rejected a Website

You have to gain trust from a lead if you want to convert them into a customer, and this statistic rings very true. A Mobile User Survey by Keynote shows nearly all of the respondents base their first few opinions of a company on its website design. If your website design is outdated, unappealing, or lacks the proper lead generation techniques it could cost you a lot of business.

40% of People Will Abandon a Web Page If It Takes More Than 3 Seconds to Load

The design of your website also affects the efficiency and user experience. If your website design is too old, or if it’s not formatted right, it could cause your website to lag. Slow load and response times can lead to lower lead conversion rates. According to EConsultancy, over 40% of people will bounce from your web page if it takes more than just three seconds to load. The only thing standing between you and more business could be three measly seconds.

70% of Companies That Designed a Website Specifically for Mobile Increased Sales

If your company doesn’t have a responsive web design, or at least a mobile website, you’re falling behind in sales. According to Econsultancy, over 70% of companies that designed a mobile website increased their sales. And that statistic is growing.

67% of Users Are More Likely to Make a Purchase of Your Goods or Services With a Smartphone On a Mobile-Friendly Site Than a Non-Mobile Optimized Site

And to piggy-back off of that last statistic, your leads will make their decision to purchase your goods or services based on whether or not you have a mobile-friendly website. According to SEOcial, nearly 70% of users will be more likely to become a customer if you have a responsive website. You could be losing almost 70% of leads online without a responsive site! Better get moving!

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