Video Production Services in Kansas City

Lure Creative offers video production services in Kansas City for businesses needing to add some video to their website, create testimonial videos, branding videos, videos advertising products and services, and more. See why video is increasingly becoming more important for your business and your marketing strategies.


Marketing through video creates a deeper connection with consumers. It is the best way to broadcast your business.

  • Consumers will spend more time on your website.
  • Landing page videos improve conversion rates.
  • Videos create credibility and familiarity in the minds of consumers. If they can see your business, they can see themselves using it.
  • Videos keep your advertising competitive.
  • Videos help increase Google search ranking.
  • Videos provide information in an understandable, attention-grabbing way.

Examples of Videos

Educational Videos

Experts teaching consumers useful lessons in your industry, or providing specific knowledge that will help them better understand their problem.

How-to Videos

Aids consumers who are looking for solutions by providing answers that help, in addition to creating credibility for your brand.

Digital Advertisements

Sells consumers on promotions or offers that they will want to know about in a more engaging and noticeable way than traditional ads.

Business Brand Videos

Helps build trust with potential customers by showing who you are and what you do. These videos are more personal than other productions.

Product Demonstrations

These videos will highlight how your product provides solutions, and what the experience of using the product is like.

Case Studies/Testimonials

Provides validation and insight as to the effectiveness of your product from actual users.

The Video Production Process

How do we transform thoughts and ideas into strong videos that capture customers?

There are four main steps.

  1. Conceptualization: People need to see what your business is up to.  But it’s hard to explain just how awesome you are – potential customers gotta see it to believe it. We work with you to develop an idea that will effectively convey what you want potential customers to see.
  2. Planning: Once we know what the goal of the video is, we’ll create an outline or storyboard. This organizes every detail of what needs to happen to make the video excellent.
  3. Execution: It’s time to do this thing. We’ll come out, or you can come in, and we’ll capture your video using professional equipment and our talented team’s expertise. Then, we’ll return to Lure and cut the video and tell your story.
  4. Marketing: Now that the video is ready to go, it’s time to release it. We’ll make sure that the video reaches as many eyes as possible via SEO.

What Makes A Successful Video?

What Makes A Successful Video?

  • ATTENTION grabbing intro gets viewers interested.
  • Brand-related content.
  • Exciting, engaging story.
  • Clean, strong visuals.
  • Call to action gets the viewer to interact.

What makes a successful video?

  • ATTENTION grabbing intro gets viewers interested.
  • Brand-related content.
  • Exciting, engaging story.
  • Clean, strong visuals.
  • Call to action gets the viewer to interact.

Video Production Services in Kansas City

If you are looking for a video production company in Kansas City to shoot a testimonial, branding, advertising, or any other kind of video, contact Lure Creative today! We can come out to your location or you can come to us depending on the type of video you need.
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