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Eazy Breezy Heating and Cooling in Tucson, AZ Website

Eazy Breezy is a local, family-owned heating and cooling company serving the entire Tucson, Arizona area. They pride themselves on great customer service. When they came to Lure Creative, they were a startup company and needed marketing, branding, and a website. Their goal was slow, steady growth through online marketing. They wanted to come out of the gates with a strong brand and look.

A Website with a Cool Look to Complement Arizona’s Hot Weather

Starting from scratch is always fun. We aren’t restricted by working with existing branding, logos, slogans, etc. We created a fun and friendly mascot for Eazy Breezy – a cute penguin and the slogan “Call the Penguin When Comfort Goes South”. The entire website has a “cool” look with an icy blue color and ice cubes incorporated into the graphic design. Then we added our special SEO (search engine optimization) tricks to make sure they could be found online quickly and easily. Finally, we created a mobile website optimized for the small screens of smart phone users. This one-two punch has let them lead the pack online right out of the gates.

HVAC Services Include:
Air Conditioner, Furnace, and Heat Pump Repairs and Installations, Maintenance Plans, Indoor Air Quality

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