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How to Rebrand without Washing Current Customers Down the Drain

Frustrated with the slow progress they were making online, the Herrmann family came to Lure Creative for help. They needed to rebrand themselves and create an entire online solution for their marketing. They were concerned about their hard-earned reputation as a family owned and run company. They didn’t want a new look so slick that it might scare off existing customers but they wanted to see an increase in their online leads. Lucky for them, that’s what we do best.

A Website That’s Friendly, Family, and Functional

We focused on the family theme by featuring large photos of the Herrmann family members with quotes that reinforced other benefits of the business. The playful and friendly teal and orange color scheme kept the site from being too formal and intimidating. We created a website with strong SEO so they’d be found on the search pages and also created and manage a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaign to drive more leads online.

Services Include: Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, & Electrical Repairs and Installations

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