Growing HVAC Company in Indiana Re-Launches New Website and Brand

Home Comfort Experts new, responsive HVAC website design

Home Comfort Experts HVAC and Plumbing Company in Indiana Rebrands Website for Growth

Home Comfort Experts is a plumbing, heating and cooling company based out of the South Bend and Mishawaka area of Indiana.  This locally owned company specializes in friendly, residential service and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Home Comfort strives to give back to their community in more than just excellent work. With their old site loosing it’s “cool”, we decided to help them heat things up a bit. We took their existing WordPress website, downloaded the data and re-imported into an all new, functional, responsive website for mobile.

Hero Images on Website Header Helps To Tell Their Story

The oversized images you often see on websites are called “Hero Images”. They are larger than life compared to most images on top of websites and demand the visitors attention. That’s where we help differentiate their HVAC company from others. Speaking of hero’s, Home Comfort’s technicians save the day when your heating or cooling is down, or your plumbing isn’t working. So we literally spelled out what makes them great! Plus, moving sliders past that, give us opportunity to tell other parts of the story and show current promotions they can take advantage of.

Google Analytics Direct Our HVAC Design for a Better User Experience

We have been working with our friends at Home Comfort Experts for years and gathered millions of bits of data about their visitors. Knowing what they like and don’t like, what pages they migrate too, and what helps convert these visitors to leads and customers, we developed the website to appeal to the smallest neurological decisions and movements to get the most out of every view and click. Most website companies wither have this data to do the same and don’t use it, or they never ask for it when re-designing your website. They “assume” they know your audience. That can be a costly mistake. Looking for the differences between companies, competitors and their competition can help make an incredible user experience and delight the right audience and help your company grow to the next level.

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