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A website is dated the second it goes live. So imagine starting a massive rebuild of your website and all the while, you are falling behind until the launch. Instead, save money by deploying a great looking, fresh “Foundation Website” and use existing content or minor updates to get the site up fast. Then, be progressive and strategic about the remaining buildout, pages and features of your website. Lure Creative has an exclusive process we use to do this called “Persona Experience Design” (PXD). It focuses on the persona identified for each page or service and we conduct a workshop for each area/page of your site.

A website should be an ever growing, ever-improving entity to keep up with the fast changes of search engines, consumers and your company as well. So plan for Growth Driven Design with a monthly budget and watch your site stay relevant, up to date, and spend the most time and budget on the parts of your website that people care about the most. The below illustration shows you the effects of PXD and why it is a better approach than traditional Kansas City web design that takes longer to launch, costs more money, and may not give you the look and feel you desire.

Persona Xperience Design

Your website “Before”
Persona Experience Design

  • No persona considered, content targets everyone but speaks to no one
  • No solutions to “Pain Points” your customers have (solve their problem)
  • No page flow or compelling story that leads the buyer to take action
  • No offers to convert traffic or non-compelling offers with no strategy

Your website “After”
Persona Experience Design

  • Fixes all the above
  • Increased traffic, conversions and leads
  • Better User Experience (UX) that results in more business
  • Updated “Look and Feel” you can be proud of
  • Monthly tracking for results with heat maps and more
  • Your website evolves and improves over time without losing business
  • **Did not require a large website project to bog you down for months**

Here’s what the PXD process looks like…

Step 1. Persona Workshop

This 2-3 hour discovery workshop helps identify top personas that your company targets. A persona is a compilation of demographics, psychographics and a story that documents the day and life of the top personas.

The workshop identifies the persona’s “Pain Points” or Challenges and allows your marketing efforts to focus on content solutions that appeal to their emotions/needs, and speaks to them when, where and how they want to be spoken to.

Up to 3 personas will be documented, however, many more personas may be identified during this workshop that can be built out at a later date.

Key staff will be required to attend (3-7 total). Customer will receive three documented personas with photos, and an outline of the workshop results. Here are the key initiatives…

  • Identify Customer Types/Profiles
  • Document Demographics
  • Discover Key Pain Points & Needs
  • Identify Top Keywords
  • Provide Documentation

Step 2. Foundation Website

The goal is to define the minimal needs before the new site can go live and then put the rest of the features, pages and content you want on a wish list and schedule it out monthly to keep things moving along.

  • Quick Deploy Site: 4-10 Weeks
  • Lower Cost Initially to fit into current cash flow/budget
  • Creates New Responsive Design
  • Company Branding, Brand Elements, Essence, Brand Promise
  • Shows off Core Competencies, Benefit Statements, USP’s
  • Simplifies Navigation/Page Structure
  • Inbound Friendly with No Columns/Side Menu
  • Consider Design Elements tailored to Top Persona
  • Design a UX Home Page for Top Persona
  • Home Page includes Top-performing Inbound Campaigns
  • Secondary pages usually use a fresh, updated theme but content brought over from last site and re-stylized.

Step 3. PXD Schedule Created

A strategic plan is made for monthly PXD workshops to identify the pages and areas of the website that need attention. Using statistics and heat maps, your users show us what areas matter the most and help prioritize our To-Do List.

  • Determine: Client Meeting Schedule
  • Determine: Design & Development Schedule
  • Research Google & HubSpot Analytics
  • Outline Priority Pages/Sprints
  • Setup Google Calendar with Details/Invites
  • The Lure Team “Sprints” into action!

Step 4. PXD Workshop

It’s showtime! We keep conducting monthly PXD workshops that focus our time, and your time, on the “Best” ideas to improve website content, features and offers that your buyers want. We dedicate a team of designers and marketers to this process. Here is our key initiatives…

  • Identify Persona for Page
  • Establish Buyer’s Journey
  • Define Mission of Page
  • Lead down a conversion path/flow
  • How do they find you?
  • What information do they need?
  • Wow them…create “I want that”
  • Who, Where, Why, What, When?
  • Tell them what you want them to do
  • Engagement: Video, Downloads, Offers, Forms
  • Call-to-actions needed?
  • What differentiates you from competition?
  • What do customers say?
  • Does the page “Tell the Story”
  • Did we help them?
  • Do they have something valuable they did not get from the competition’s website?

That’s the scoop and the next move is yours. If you’d like to hear more about Growth Driven Design, Persona Experience Design or our PXD Workshops, contact us today!