When Should Your Business Hire a Marketing Company

There are a few different scenarios when a company should consider hiring a marketing company to help handle their marketing efforts. While marketing companies might not be for everyone, the right match can help your leads skyrocket. Here are three signs it’s time to call Lure Creative.

Your Business Is Growing Too Quickly to Keep Up

It’s a great feeling when business is booming, but sometimes it can keep small to medium sized business so busy that there’s barely time to get everything done. That means little to no time for marketing efforts online, in the mail, etc. When this happens, it’s time to consider your marketing options. If you don’t have anyone in house who can serve as your marketing guru, it’s time to turn to outside resources. A marketing company can take the stress of brainstorming new marketing ideas, posting to your business blog and social media sites, etc. off your plate. You can delegate your website changes to them, and keep your hands free for new business.

Business Is at a Standstill

On the contrary, when business stalls it can be painful. No calls coming into the office can strike panic in the minds of business owners. This is another scenario that signals it’s time to hire a marketing partner. In this case, you need to kick-start your marketing efforts, and if you’ve tried everything you can think of without success, an outside brain can help create new and innovative ideas. An outside marketing company has the time to solely focus on marketing efforts to get you more leads, while you focus on the business prospects you already have.

You’re Looking to Expand Your Service Area

If your business is healthy, but you’re just looking to expand your service area, this is the perfect time to hire a marketing company. At Lure Creative, we can tweak your website, and boost your search engine optimization, or SEO, for the new cities and towns you’re looking to expand into. We can get your name out there for homeowners and business prospects in those areas online, on the radio, television, and direct mail. One of the biggest things we can do for your business though, is boost your search engine rankings in those geographical locations so that people there can more easily find your services. Our inbound marketing services are also a highly effective way to find you more leads.

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