About Lure Creative…Who We Are

Founded in 2007, and based in Johnson County, KS, Lure Creative is a HubSpot Partner, Inbound Marketing Agency, and Web Design Company that uses Inbound Strategies to drive the “Right” traffic, leads and customers to your website. Does this sound like what you’re looking for? It’s not enough to just be the best digital marketing agency in Overland Park, Kansas City, Olathe, Lenexa, Lee’s Summit, MO and beyond.

We push ourselves to improve each and every day to learn, teach, test and improve everything we do. The result is a winning culture where each team member is committed to the success of our clients and co-workers. We are creative, fun, quirky and smart, all wrapped into one. Plus, we are a HubSpot Gold Partner which means that we have held ourselves accountable to become one of the top, elite, inbound marketing agencies in the world.

Kansas City HubSpot Gold Certified Agency

Our Mission

“Our mission is to hear from our customers that they love what we are doing for them. We are committed to excellence in design, content creation, and results that matter most to meet our client’s goals.”

What We Love Doing Every Day

Some call it work, we call it fun. Marketing and Web Design is in our blood. We wake up with a cup or three of coffee and go to battle to win against our client’s competitors. We actually only hire people who are naturally competitive. The difference in hiring Lure Creative over others is our experience in creating a path to success we call our “Growth Ecosystem”. It usually starts with a well-built foundation website that your company can grow from. Then we slowly add the right marketing services that have proven to lift up website traffic, conversions and leads week-by-week, month-by-month and year-by-year.

Process Driven for Success and Growth

When it comes to creating and improving processes, we are ritualistic in using the EOS Processes. We created a culture of self-improvement where our best practices and tactics are recorded, tested and improved. Lure Creative has over 40 written processes and checklists to ensure what we are doing will provides the best results possible. From our exclusive 300+ Point Web Development Checklist, to Hubspot Guidelines, to Search Optimization Strategies, we know what to do when you hire us.
What is EOS Processes

EOS Process

Who We Work With and…Who Loves Us!

Over the years, we have worked with just about every industry you can imagine. However, our “Best Fit” customers usually meet these qualifications regardless of what industry you’re in.

    • You need leads daily, weekly, monthly and year-round.
    • Customers usually has a specific problem they are trying to solve.
    • Revenue is between $1 million to $50 million annually.
    • You know what a website conversion means and the value of a lead.
    • Sell a product with a considered purchase process or sales cycle longer than a few days.
    • Average Sale Price of $500-$50,000 per product or service.
    • Company has a Sales Team or Selling Service Team.
    • You have a written sales process you adhere to.
    • Common industry fits: Contractors, HVAC, Lawn Care, Plumbers, Electricians, Health Care, Manufacturers, IT/Software Companies and anyone who needs leads.
  • Headquarters located in the U.S., Canada or Mexico.
who we work best with

Shhhh…Our Secret Weapon is Our People

Lure Creative Team Members

At Lure, we hire from our Core Values and then train the skills we need in order to create websites and inbound marketing that produces the results you want. Every day, customer ask how we keep finding and hiring the best people. If you choose to accept nothing but the best, you often get it. That defines our hiring practices. We guarantee that you will love working with us and the results we deliver. Our team is full of educated, digital marketing consultants that you can trust.

A Winning Culture for Winners Only!

Many inbound marketing agencies hire a bunch of interns to do grunt, volume work and think that it will be good enough to satisfy their client’s content needs. Not our strategy at all! We hire experienced, web designers, developers and marketers and then give them the education and tools they need to perform awesome Inbound Marketing. It’s actually a requirement to be fully Inbound Certified before you are hired full time at Lure. Then, within the first 90 days, each team member is required to pass the HubSpot Certification. We never stop learning and improving which is what it takes to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

More About Our Culture

trophy for excellent company culture

Our History…The Road to Success

Kansas City Skyline

The company was started in 2007. The first name was Cowtown Marketing which provided full service lead generation to local Kansas City businesses. The company witnessed consistent growth when it starting focusing on the HVAC niche and then other contractor niches followed as the years added up.

In 2009, in order to appeal to companies outside of the KC area, the local Cowtown name was abandoned and was changed to MarketingXchange and the company narrowed its focus to web design and digital marketing only. Then in 2015, Lure Creative became a HubSpot Partner before reaching the ranks of Gold Partner in 2016.

Today, the company is known as Lure Creative which taps into the history of outperforming other agencies and establishing itself as the undisputed champs of lead generation in Kansas City, the Midwest and throughout the U.S. Especially in the niche industries Lure focuses on. Change in the digital world is inevitable. As web design, search engines and consumers today have changed how they use the web, our companies has equally morphed and evolved with this change to better serve its customers.